Thursday, May 12, 2005


Good Morning My Devoted Fans.. haha..

hmm go to bed at 3.. get up at 7.30 with a rocking headache .. no market.. I cant even stand the sunlight today .. just cant do it.. I would blame it on the beer .. but if any one that really knows me read this they would be screaming bull shit! cause .. I dont get hungover... never have.. it may have played a part in the sleeping postion though.. cause I woke up all crazy .. neck all kinked up in some half laying across the bed horizontally position.. so I think maybe just maybe that might have something to do with my state this morning..

However.. I have started a knit scarf already this morning and crocheted a couple rounds on a doily .. there might be pictures later.. who knows.. What I do know.. is I am feeling more human since the first cup of coffee.. and I have a hugely busy day.. gonna be listing a whole shit load of yarn today on a little different format than what I have been.. I am going to try to do say 10 to 12 skeins at individual pricing so you can get as much or as little as you like.. I like experimenting..

Side note for MoM...

I will show you my spindle .. and stuff this evening when I sit back down .. and yes.. I dye my yarn.. sometimes I buy natural yarn and dye it as well as the stuff I spin..and sometimes i even dye the roving BEFORE I spin it.. pictures later.. that is a promise !

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