Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Better Late Than Never

OK .. Yesterday .. I tell you I have something to show you .. and never come back .. so sorry .. I was tired and worn out from being in a little pain .. so you all had to wait til today .. which is techincally tomorrow already.. are you following ..? (its thrusday instead of wednesday cause its so late.. for those of you that need it spelled out)..

At any rate.. got my yarns listed .. not as many as I wanted because I just wasnt up to it.. but a few.. so that felt good..

Then ... what should I finally get in the mail? My book.... which book you ask? Only the book I have been trying to get with the urgency of a crack whore looking for her next fix.... the book I would patiently wait for on ebay .. bid on and be out done in the very last second.. and I tell you I wait to bid.. to the last 3 seconds.. so there are some damned fast crocheting bidders out there.. I am telling you !!.. so here is it .. MODULAR CROCHET!!..

I am quite certain there is any one reading this blog that could be as excited about this as I am .. I have been waiting a lonnnnnngggg time for this.. well ok .. a month but a month is a long time when you are jonsing for a fix.. let me tell you !!

SO .. I know you are all disappointed cause I made you wait this long to get a peek at a lame assed book LOL.. for those of you that cant be as excited as I am .. well .. sorry .. really .. but .. I am jumping around like a cartoon monkey on crack I am so happy to finally have it here..

I started my first project using it tonight.. its going to be a nice bright blue furry (angora) deep V neck pull over with a tie.. and you can bet.. the second I am done with it .. I will show pictures.. I always do ..

Heather.. I am feeling much better tonight .. thanks for the thoughts.. and since I cant comment on your blog you get this little special message.. and I am also sorry you had to take commenting off your blog.. maybe one day .. she will leave you alone .. but I wouldnt count it on .. since you were her friend first !

Burfica.. I swear I feel much better today .. so no meds.. and you know if I felt worse I would have gotten some..

Alekx.. welcome home.. glad to know you didnt get eaten by the sharks.. and next time.. I think you need to take me !! I wouldn't wanna dive.. but I think I could lay on the beach under a huge umbrella with a bell for drinks..

I shouldnt be this tired .. but I am .. I feel I have slept most of the day .. well that is probably because I did.. Rain in the forecast so no market this week .. its ok I have been doing ok on eBay with yarn .. so I am not too worried and I have had a few special orders coming in .. so things are pretty good.. still working on the site.. so soon .. I promise SOON!! .. its getting exciting and I cant wait !!!

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