Friday, May 20, 2005

Modular Crochet

I realize not all the people reading my blog are into the same things I am .. So explaination about the book is going to follow..skip ahead.. if you already know LOL ..

Modular Crochet is a book .. printed in 1978.. and is out of print now.. its like the holy grail of books to find.. and If you do indeed find one for less than 100 dollars you are doing quite well.. It shows you basically how to make many garments using a basic plan and basic shapes to get there... it shows you how they will take shape etc.. so its basically a primer to making sweaters out of rectangles.. and showing you how to make those said rectangles in a way that will look nice when you are done..

So.. the excitement of my day .. my landlord installed a ceiling fan in the living room .. wo0t!.. this will save me from turning on the AC for at least another month or so .. this is the time of year I miss my 14 ft ceilings at home.. since I have owned my house there I havent turned the AC on before July .. except in my bedroom to sleep at night.. cause I cant sleep sticky.. here is another story .. seems this house is a heat magnet.. oh well .. cant have it all .... and next year this time I will be home! I never really thought I would miss it this much .. but it seems the things I said I could live with out .. are the things I look for and have no room for here .. .. such is life.. I made this decision and dont regret coming here.. It just makes me appreciate home that much more ..

Tomorrow is huge cleaning day here.. I need to get the pollen dust off every thing now that part of the spring is done.. I am also going to deep clean my rug in the living room.. wash my sheets.. and try to get my office in a better order .. as well as my desk.. wish me luck! if you dont hear from me in a couple days some one come looking.. cause a stack of stuff from the desk has probably killed me ...

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