Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Well.. its been a while.. not going to apologize for my absence.. I think when you have a loved one going through something like my dad is... it makes you step back and think about things for a while.. so I took some Me time to do that..

I will tell you this.. I talked to my dad just the other day .. he is having surgery on the 16th of June and is in good spirits.. the Doc seems to think its the kind of cancer that is contained..I am scheduled to be home on the 30th and offered to bump it up but he said there was really no need.. honestly .. I am a little relieved .. I hate hospitals and I hate waiting.. there is only so much nervous knitting/crocheting/spinning one can do in a waiting room and only so much mindless dribble one can take because no one would really want to talk about anything but small talk ... plus there is that whole uncomfortable silence my family seems to just have.. He said besides there was nothing I could really do but sit and wait .. and why not come later when he had recovered a little and we could actually do something besides sit around the house .. which sounds like a plan to me .. They are going to do something similar to a gastric bypasss on my dad.. because the part of the stomach that is affected needs to come out.. so he will have to eat more often and high calorie and protein things to avoid losing weight.. but better that than the alternative..

We had a nice long conversation yesterday and talked about him and just stuff.. that is the part I miss the most .. just talking about stuff.. we talked about the race sunday .. and before any of you make a crack about me being a redneck cause I watch NASCAR.. you might wanna think twice about it... LOL .. I am about as far from redneck as they get.. I used to think that too until I sat down and watched and realized it went much deeper than driving in circles.. I still wont say its a sport because to me a race is a race.. and a sport is a game.. but it does involve strategy..

I have alot more to update but time is of the essence at the moment .. I will be back later with more .. pictures too !!

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