Thursday, June 16, 2005


Please let me tell you .. when my phone rang at 3.42 this afternoon.. I was anxious ..nervous.. and some what relieved to know .. at least .. my dad was out of surgery .. and I would have a status report.. I looked at caller ID.. nope .. not my sister.. my step took a second for the number to register in my brain..

We talked for about 30 minutes.. and in that time I found out.. first.. and the best news.. My Dad got to keep about half of his stomach.. they were saying he would be lucky to have a third left when it was done... secondly.. the surgery took less than the hour they alotted.. VERY GOOD SIGN.. that means it was all in one place and they are fairly confident they got it all .. *insert big sigh of relief HERE* results from the lab yet .. so treatment is still up in the air.. but if he does have to have it.. I am told it would be a short session not some long drawn out ordeal....

My dad has a long road ahead.. I know my friend Alekx probably knows exactly what he is in for.. she didnt have stomach cancer but did have gastro bypass.. and my dad's surgery was almost the same.. well actually .. the exact same.. so he has a little 5 day holiday in the hospital.. I talked to him yesterday and he said he probably wouldnt feel up to talking to any one today or tomorrow .. I will however make sure to call him on Father's Day .. My dad's youngest brother made the trip from Missouri.. I thought that was really nice.. Had I been that close I would have been home already ..

At any rate.. 5 days in the hospital.. 6 weeks of no solid food.. and a VERY VERY changed diet from what he is used to when he can eat.. I think the worst part is he has to give up sugar for the time being .. seriously.. this is where I get my sweet tooth.. I inherited it.. my dad has it .. my grandpa had it and I have it.. that is probably going to be the hardest part of my dad's recovery.. no Pepsi (which is like life blood to him) and no sweets.. which is its own food group in his world.. I think he will be just fine though.. and if that is what he has to give up to be ok .. I think its a very small price to pay .. Unfortunately this next 6 weeks.. he will lose some more weight.. he had already lost about 20 pounds.. and my dad had no extra really to give up .. I am used to seeing him flucuate between 200 and 205 my whole life.. thats it.. maybe 195 in the summer if it was real hot.. right now .. well before surgery he was 187.. and is expected to probably bottom at 165.. then he can start trying to gain back.. that will be tough .. but .. every thing works out in the end..

You just cant imagine how relieved and actually happy I was this afternoon to know my Dad did better than we all expected.. and that is fabulous in my book.. I have a kind of 6th sense about things.. and even when I got the news .. I knew things would be ok .. but this is better than I had even hoped.. I cant wait to talk to him sunday .. and see him on the 1st.. !! ..

and Op... the only reason he wants to ride in his truck is because its easier to get in and out of .. .. let me tell you this small story .. he LOVES my car..

I needed to use his truck to get some of my final things out here.. the bigger stuff that I didnt want to live with out .. but didnt really want to rent a uhaul cause it wasnt that much .. so .. I leave my Mini with my dad and haul my stuff out here.. in the weekend.. my Father .. and I dont think he thinks i know .. cause he did the stuff I used to do .. he reset the trip meter.. and filled up the tank .. in one weekend my dad put 425 miles on my car.. he asked me if i wanted to know how long it took to get to Nashville (aproximatley 50 miles from his house) in my car.. I didnt really wanna know but he informed me his BEST time (apparently he went more than once ) was 27 minutes.. AND he out ran a Mustang on the way(and flipped him off while passing him) .. My dad used to race cars.. he thought I was insane when I got my car.. until he drove it.. ... makes me laugh just thinking about it.. I dont think he really wanted to give it back when I got home ..

So for comfort's sake.. we will be in his truck.. and when he gets better.. I think I will ask for a 27 minute ride to Nashville...

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