Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Vacay Check In

Thought maybe I needed to check in from my vacay ...

Its been really kind of great just non-stop..Tuesday when I had to take my car in .. It was actually a nice break LOL.. I did manage to get some good crochet and knit in while I sat the 4 hours waiting for my car..

My drivers side window stopped working on the way over here .. and I called the BMW dealership in Nashville and explained my dilema.. told them it would be handy to be able to use the window on the way back to NC for drive thrus and tolls.....(had it been the passenger window i think maybe i could have waited)I called at 9.02 on tuesday morning.. and I arrived at the dealer at 12.39... my car was fixed at 4.13...and not only fixed.. got my scheduled service in .. a reprogram on my engine that gave me 2 more horse power ..and a wash...not bad considering the dealer in Winston-Salem made me wait 2 and a half weeks the last time I needed my car fixed... AND.. they replaced the part with a faulty one that only worked 2 days.. then they made me wait 2 and a half more weeks to replace that one.. needless to say I like this dealer better.. and cant wait to be back here when this can be my primary dealer.. they are just so much nicer..

My sisters and I had a nightout tonight with no kids.. we talked laughed and I tried to teach my kind of tipsy older sister to knit LOL.. that didnt work so well... pictures later.. I forgot my USB cord tonight..

I have many pictures with Llarry the llama... that is the name we have chosen for my finger puppet
notice.. 2 ll's .. in Llarry .. hahahah.. I am a dork...

My dad is doing well.. He is thin but looks good.. his colour and energy levels are good... and they let him start on soft solids a couple weeks early .. He does have to have treatment but its a light round and he stands to keep his hair.. which is good..he will do chemo for 5 days in a row then have 4 weeks off then 5 days again .. so this will go on for 5 sessions so basically 5 months.. and a few radiation treatments.. they are just making sure.. which is ok by me.. I am just glad he is doing so well ..

Alexis.. my youngest niece has decided she can only be away from her mom for two weeks.. so ... that is all I will have them.. 2 weeks.. which is nice in a way but I had three weeks fo activities planned so now I have to amend the schedule..

I got my hair colour touched up today (god knows i needed it bad!.. i had 6 inch roots.. the perils of only trusting your sister to do your hair.. and not getting home for almost 9 months but you k now she does it in a way that doesnt look bad when it grows out ) ... I got a good trim too ..and my little sister curled it all nice for me for our night out tonight.. its just been nice to be pampered.. I am getting a pedicure tomorrow.. wooohoooo!!!

Hope you all are having a great night.. be home Saturday !!

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