Sunday, August 28, 2005

I Am Here.. I think

Hey guys.. long time no type.. I am here.. busy as hell.. and trying to make sense of my life as usual... just seems things have gotten crazy lately.. I have so much to say .. and cant seem to try to find time to sit down and actually say it... then when i do get time.. I am like "what was I gonna say ?".. or its just not important anymore.. I know I do owe vacation pictures.. a few stories.. and things of that sort.. the vaction pictures are still slowly being processed and it seems posting pictures to blogger straight from your machine.. has a mind of its own.. and I some how cant make it happen like i want it to.. doesnt mean it doesnt work.. just not exactly what i wanted.. so .. for now.. i leave it alone and go about doing what I have been doing .. resizing.. and posting from photobucket.. or maybe.. I will give up all hopes of getting all the pictures done and jsut start posting like 10 pictures a day one at a time.. so you will get a billion posts from me on blogroll a week.. I know .. I can be a pain in the ass..

Tonight has been relatively quiet in chez Elizabeth.. I have been my typical ADD project self.. I picked up many things yesterday and have been in overdrive all day trying to try at least one thing from each of the things I picked up .. First .. I got the Family Circle Easy Crochet magazine.. LOVE!! no other words for it.. there are many things I will be making from this one.. I have already done the hat and started on the wrap that are done in red .. i do believe they are on page 20.. but of course I didnt use the suggested yarn .. I hardly ever do .. I should be done with this tomorrow.. and yes .. there will be pictures !.. I am on row 10 of the wrap already .. so I will probably stay up long enough to get it done tonight..

then I have been inspired by a member of a that place called Crochetville .. her name is Kathy and she does the most amazing bead work I have ever seen i was gifted with BOTH her pattern books by a very good friend.. so I bought supplies to start and practice that before I got all involved.. I also got some tools and stoarge things for it too ..

then .. did I mention the wire and beads.. and the steel hooks for some wire crochet.. ?? and of course there is that whole auction organizer thing i am doing.. many hats !

also super secret projects .. and the never ending lime squares.. I am drowning in WIPs..LOL.. but its looking up .. I am finishing things.. and the minute I locate my camera.. there will be some pictures.. i kind of worked on my office.. and "lost " a few things..

anyway .. back to the stuff.. more tomorrow !!

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