Friday, August 12, 2005

For Deneen

Apparently my friend Deneen thinks I like doing memes .. she is wrong.. but because I will get no peace til I do this.. I think maybe I should.. and you know.. my first thought was to make her feel really bad about it and say my childhood was terrible and there arent 5 things I miss about it but that would have been wrong sooo here is your fucking meme Deneen .. I hope you are happy ( god i just turned into my mom !!! and of course she knows i am not that unhappy about it or i would just ignore her.. )

5 Things I Miss From Childhood...

1. Summer days spent with my cousin David fishing and staying the night at Mawmaw's playing poker with my uncle and his friends (yes I knew what a full house was at 6 LOL ) .. we were her favourites and she let every one know.. LOL .. I liked going there alot cause I was allowed to make "mudpies" ...and we got biscuits from scratch every day !

2. Hanging with my dad .. hunting arrowheads.. (another activity in which i was allowed to take my shoes off and walk in the dirt barefoot.. notice the pattern?? LOL )

3. Getting a "treat" at the store.. this was usually a Slush Puppy or a little tub of orange sherbet that came with the flat wooden spoon ( do they still have those ?) or a Push Up...

4. Riding in the back of the truck ( I know now this is dangerous.. and my parents knew it too .. but when you are a kid.. you loved it and begged to do it so my parents let us for very small trips just to shut us up.. it was 3 to 2 you know LOL )

5. Going outside and being outside all day with your friends with out a care in the world .. you spent the day riding bikes.. running in and out of various neighbor's houses ....making a fort.. playing tag .. and then begging your mom for 15 more minutes before you had to go in at dark .. then begging to go back out to catch fire flys and make "rings" on your fingers with their "light"

ok.. I did it .. now Burfica.. Alex...The Shrone ... Joy and Regina you are all tagged.. hahhaaha.. blame Deneen LOL ..

ok maybe I am getting a little more amusment factor out of this than I really thought I would.. is it wrong of me to like torturing others?

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Friday, August 12, 2005  


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