Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Ok.. so these are my three favourite beach pictures.. I am hoping to distract you with beach pictures so you might forgive me not blogging yesterday .. of course who knew you could have so much fun with a crappy mask you found at the Dollar Tree right before taking off to the beach .. I think its kind of creature from the black lagoonish.. where as the girls had NO idea what that actually meant when I said it.. I will just say .. It was worth the dollar in entertainment value.. and not tell you the part about the lenses being so warped you couldnt actually see out .. or the seals being so bad that it wasnt worth actually wearing in the water..

I was really hoping to get done with ANY of the projects I said I was working on in order to show you I had been productive.. but alas.. I didnt get any finished.. there will be completed project pictures tomorrow though .. since I have in fact finished a shawl .. but its been blocking .. and I wanted to show it off in its full glory .. not in the midpoint.. and I am quite sure the shawl appreciates me waiting til its totally beautiful!!

And.. as if I didnt have enough.. I cast on another bag today .. however this one will work quickly .. its being done in some Reynold's Lopi I had been gifted a long time ago.. on size 15 circs to be fulled when I am finished.. so its a quick project.. no real pattern .. I just cast on the bottom worked it til I thought It was square enough .. picked up the outside edges.. and started up .. I will probably knit some beads along the upper edge.. in the cast off.. and use leather strips for the straps.. (say that three times fast!!)

I am almost done with the cape too .. I have the picot edge to finish and the edging for the side and top .. and I will be done.. oh yeah and the flower to make the closure.. there might be pics of me tomorrow wearing it .. something to look forward to!! hahah.. I am on a roll .. I really need to get this office space cleared out and reorganized yet I havent.. probably due to the fact I have 5 kittens running around.. next thursday they will be 6 weeks.. and then I will have 2 cats again and can do a job of this magnitude.. because honestly ... I need to clear the whole closet in here and actually clear the room and just start refilling it again.. that would be the best way to do it.. which is exactly what I am going to do..

well guys.. I have heard from all my friend sin New Orleans and Mississippi.. so its time for me to call it a night ..

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