Monday, September 12, 2005

Pirate Jacket REDUX. already!

ok so I spent yesterday working on my jacket..

I get to the part where I have to place markers for my left and right side.. for the split I have to make later.. placed the markers.. held up my work


the back was way off.. there was no way that was gonna fit acrosss.. I pulled out my tape measure .. had to see just how off I was.. if it was only a few inches.. I could have finessed it and made it work .. 10 INCHES.. TEN.. what the?...

I was like my gauge was dead on .. where did I go wrong.. .. so.. I naturally put the project down.. (this was 2 am) and decided to go sleep .. and hope it was all a dream this morning.. no such luck...

Measured again.. still .. 10 inches off.. not a dream....


I start pulling it all out.. my whole day of work yesterday .. and rewinding the balls of yarn .. pulling .. pulling .. trying to figure it out.. when I got to my starting chain .. there was the answer..

I am a freaking dumbass!!

my starting chain should have been 65.. the largest size.. you know we discussed that when i started.. i had to do the largest size.. so why did I start the smallest (41 stitches)?? there was the answer to my 10 missing inches..

So.. something good comes of this though.. I was using the suggested hook.. and to me the fabric was denser than I wanted it .. but would have been ok.. well now that I have to start over.. I went up a hook size.. and guess what .. it looks even that much better.. PLUS seems to be working faster.. I guess all the "practice" yeasterday paid I guess this was a "good" mistake.. if there is such..

anyway .. I am already at row 8 again .. and was only to 15 yesterday so.. not too shabby ..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Monday, September 12, 2005  


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