Saturday, September 10, 2005


I usually dont believe in swatches.. I fly by the seat of my pants and hope I have enough yarn.. but tonight.. I was a good girl.. I swatched for my Pirate's Jacket ... if i am lucky.. I will have barely enough yarn to make this.. I have 18 balls of Noro Blossom.. my swatch was dead on accurate.. for the size i need.. (yes the largest one !) I need 1400 yards of yarn .. If I go by what the instructions say which is 14 balls of the suggested yarn @ 100 yards each .. now if my calculations are correct.. each of the Noro balls of yarn have approximately 76 yards and I have 18 of those .. giving me 1368 yards of yarn.. yes.. I am just a hair short.. wellllllllll.. I am gonna do my sleeve cuffs the same solid colour I decide to do the contrast trim in .. quick thinking huh ?? because why should i go and run down one more ball of Blossom.. and hope among hopes it matches well enough to blend..also they might have said you need the 1400 and you might have some left over.. so between the two cuffs.. I think I can make up the 32 missing yards of yarn.. and who knows.. I might have enough anyway .. cause they may have given me a little extra in each of my balls of yarn .. we shall see.. the major work starts tomorrow.. I want to have this done so I can wear it the first cold snap.. now.. to decide the contrast.. there are so many colours to choose from in the Noro.. I guess I will get to that when I get to the sleeves.. anyway .. I am excited to get going on this project.. tomorrow will be spent working on that and the bag!!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Saturday, September 10, 2005  


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