Monday, September 12, 2005

Just Bitchy

I guess today .. I am just being bitchy

My pirate jacket pissed me off.. but all in all I have been in a good mood..

I guess my major gripe today is drama queens..

I am sure every one knows one or two .. they are the people who always have "bad luck" and nothing goes right and they cant catch a break.. blah .. blah.. blah..

You know if I sat here and thought about it enough my life could be bad enough to be a drama queen.. I CHOOSE NOT TO BE ONE... I have my share of bad luck .. and it continues.. I just choose not to air every bit of personal life for public consumption.. I guess I am just different.. I dont want sympathy nor pity.. I like to work thru my stuff and come out stronger instead of garnering every one to my corner to say "Poor Elizabeth.. she never gets a break.. her life is so bad."

Seriously .. those of you who do know me .. know I have plenty.. I could do that .. I dont play the "poor me" nor the "sympathy" card well.. and because of every thing in my life I have dealt with and the things that have made me stronger.. I cant harbour much sympathy for those that milk every situation they get into for all its worth .. nor can I feel bad for every hard luck story there is.. that is simply because I have been there done that got the T-Shirt and didnt need anyone to tell me how bad I had it..

I guess what I am saying .. and I know every one deals with things all kinds of different.. but the point I am making is.. MAYBE if we did more to better ourselves and our situations there wouldnt be a need for all the sympathy and "poor *insert name here*" ..I dont know.. maybe my inner Grinch is all full up with ppl looking for sympathy or whatever.. and it seems it is the same few ALL THE TIME playing the card.. give it a break .. get over your self.. there are many people in this world worse off than you ......So take a minute of your day and be thankful for ALL the things you do have and not emphasize all the things wrong in your life..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Monday, September 12, 2005  


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