Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dear Vicki

To any one that doesnt want involved in the drama .. please just disregard this post.. but I feel I need to say quite a few things and address these comments..and since I dont have any thing to hide I am going to do it here .. so when the questions start and the truth twisting goes on .. every one can see what is written .. then I wash my hands of you Vicki....

because its quite obvious you dont know what you are talking about nor accusing me nor do you use the straight truth twist it to mean what you want it to ..

so here you go ..

Dear Vicki.....

I am going to break down your comments and try to explain this on a level you might understand and you might not .. First off is the very nasty anonymous comment which I know you made.. I went and checked your blog.. yes there is a nasty comment on it.. but you seem to think I made it.. and I can truthfully say I didnt.. If I wanted to comment on your blog I would have done it as myself .. not as any one else but me .. so before you assume ( and you know what assuming does) .. maybe you should take the time to look to see where the comment came from.. its simple to check a general location.. and I will bet if you check it wasnt NC ... I dont get up to bitch at the world.. as a matter of fact I dont bitch as often as you seem to think I do .. I wake up with many good reasons to be alive.. also.. If I chose to vent my bitchiness on my blog.. that is totally my business .. if you dont want to hear it dont read it.. I also need to address what you said on your blog about me being a drama queen.. First off.. If I happen to be in chat and some one asks me about my day .. my life.. a specific situation.. I tell them .. I dont sit and voluntarily bitch about every thing.. nor do I post my problems in a public forum to get sympathy from any one .. Secondly about your back .. car accident.. and your crazy children.. after the three of us have heard all your stories about all of that for the 50th time ( SHaron .. Heather .. and myself) .. It gets old... and that is what you usually start your conversation about or try to lead it in a direction that you can talk about those things .. I also need to say .. I do know what you are talking about with Shauna and I didnt say anything of her.. I was given information ... period.. just last night as a matter of fact.. and for the other.. you need to check facts before you go off.. that is all I will say on any of that .. because its something you obviously dont have all the facts about .. nor do you care to .. you just want to pass judgement on me

Now to address your comment.. I want to thank you for finally revealing who you were.. I have to commend you for actually owning your actions and no blaming every one else for them ...Bravo..

well i am going to leave this one comment and then you really don't need to worry i will ever grace your pathetic blog again, ( it doesnt bother me.. I dont write my blog for any one but me ) and if you respond to mine i will just delete, (I am responding here I dont need to go to your blog to do it and funny even if I did respond you would delete it because of course you wouldnt want the world to know what any one else thinks but you )first off, i chose to remain unknown for just this reason. what you did beth to shauna was terrible and you know it.( I would like to know what I did to Shauna) some people don't have the "strength you have i guess. personally i think your just a sorry person(you of course are entitled to your opinion) i won't demean myself by calling you names, (I didnt call you names)and since the only reason i read your blog was because someone said that you were trash talking me anyways, i thought i had the right to respond. ( I dont see a single name mentioned nor do I see any trash talking of you specifically .. so if you took it personally and it applies to you then that is on you )you really need to get a life and for the rest of you, don't bother to contact me at all.( I have a life and I love it and myself !) i really have no beef with any of you, and what i said was that maybe beth should have some sympathy, as it sure as hell didn't sound like it to me or a lot of other people.( again the opinnion you are entitled to .. but you dont get the big picture.. my drama queen post wasnt about specific ppl .. it was about those ppl in general that behave as such...and funny you are the only one making such a stink .. ) so sharon, heather, wendy and all the rest of ya. this is between beth and i (hate to get picky but since I am doing this I might point out that it should be me ...just a little grammar tip.. you need a few ) not you so please mind your own business.(seems to me.. that this wasnt between any one until YOU made it that way .. I asked for my readers opinions they gave them if you dont agree with them or take them personally .. again and I cant stress this enough .. sounds like you are the one with the problem ) and i didn't say that someone should just keep their opinions to themselves all the time, only when they know it is going to hurt someone. ( well thank you for the disclaimer but you didnt say the last part.. you said people should keep their opinions to themselves.. and again .. I didnt address any one specific.. so if I get this .. I shouldnt say any thing that might hurt ONE person in this world? .. then no one would ever talk would they ? )so there i have responded, i am through with the lot of you. you all need to grow up.(we need to grow up .. said with flair from some one who couldnt post a comment with her name on it til today .. maybe you are the one that needs not to take every thing every one says so fucking personal ..but kudos for finally speaking and letting us all know who you are ) heather please we have your back bethy. what is it you have her back for. god why did i bother to even try and explain, you guys are such drama queens it isn't even funny. (Heather knows what being a friend is .. you might not always agree.. but you are there for some one when needed.. Drama Queen .. no... I dont think so .. expressive people.. yes.. opinionated .. yes.. willing to stand up for what they believe instead of being a lemming .. yes.. willing to own their actions...yes...and for that it makes me like them even more.. )

I will leave you with this .. got the inspiration from Heather

drama queen: (noun):

any person who overreacts to a minor problem or situation

A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof: “The world is not run by thought, nor by imagination, but by opinion” (Elizabeth Drew).

A judgment based on special knowledge and given by an expert: a medical opinion.

A judgment or estimation of the merit of a person or thing: has a low opinion of braggarts.

The prevailing view: public opinion.

Law. A formal statement by a court or other adjudicative body of the legal reasons and principles for the conclusions of the court.

Think about it Vicki......just think about it.. you might figure it out ..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Sunday, September 18, 2005  


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