Sunday, September 18, 2005

Wait There's More!

Some how I missed this ..

yet another comment.. and after this .. I swear I am done.. because I will not waste any more of my blog space on you Vicki.. seems you are out to get what ever attention you can good .. bad.. or ugly .. I just want to clarify .. the only reason I am doing this here publicly .. is so every one can see what is said .. and you can form your own opinion.. no words can be twisted.. and no bias can be put in .. no spin can be made.. I want all the people that Vicki is trying to show how "mean and unsymapthetic" I am to read exactly what is going on ..

so here is the one that was slid into my previous post :

i guess what i was trying to say was that beth does not have the right to be nasty to people whenever she thinks she wants to.( I dont have the RIGHT?.. says who.. my first amendment right gives me plenty .. I can say what I want to .. to whom I want to .. so please tell me Vicki why I dont have the right to say what I want..and in this post just tell me to whom I was nasty .. ALL the Drama Queens.. no names ) i also meant that maybe if you have nothing nice to say and just want to be a bitch then don't say anything.(umm last time I checked this was my blog .. your reading it is voluntary .. ) why you feel the need to be so cruel to people is beyond me, maybe you are the one who needs a therapist, these comments were not just on your blog, (where else did I post an opinion like this Vicki? ) which i do not read regular, nor do i want to, same with you guys you don't want to read mine DON'T(trust me I dont read yours.. its too painful.. no punctuation nor sentence structure.. why would i ? ) beth has been so mean to people that i am suprised that all of you people can not see through it(to whom VIcki? again .. please tell me where I have singled out one person and been mean to them ? ) well thats about it for me i know you all will surround poor little bethy(I dont ask people to surround me .. if they support me or agree with me that is on them .. just because you dont do either doesnt mean the ones that do are bad.. I stand on my own and behind what I say and do I dont have to play games or the sympathy card for people to like me ) oh well i tried (tried what? be a martyr? make me look like something you have decided I am ? change peoples minds about me with senseless accusations and unfounded theories?)

the major part of this that actually bothers me is that you , Vicki, believe I am a cruel.. unsympatheitc.. nasty .. sorry excuse for a person.. and the fact of the matter is.. you couldnt be more wrong..

YOU have decided what I am .. and YOU are trying to convince others that I am what YOU think I am ....

I just let every one decide for themselves..

So I am trying to work this out.. because I am not some goody goody non cursing straight as an arrow person .. then I am a total bad apple.. ? is that it?

whatever.. I am who I am .. I make no excuses for myself.. and I certainly dont pretend to be something I am not to get people to like me .. notice me .. or want to be my friend.. because I dont have time for that ..

so love me or hate me .. I really couldnt care.. the bottom line is .. I have to live wtih my self.. you dont.. so I dont understand why you are so worried about me..

maybe if you tried tending to your business you would find yourself busy enough not to have to try to tend mine.. why dont you try that ?

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Sunday, September 18, 2005  


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