Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ending The Bullshit

Its sad really .. one person can cause so much havoc in one place..

so this is the end of the bullshit.. I will not allow some one to come to my blog and bash the people trying to support me.. Its one thing to come and bash me.. its my blog I expect to make some one unhappy at some point in time.. but this is ridiculous !

Anonymous(Vicki) had this to say :

I can see why you dont have any real life friends are to stupid!!! Read and analyze your comment and you will see exactly why I say that...then again maybe you wont I said you are to stupid!

another anonymous but I think we all know who left this .. who is the stupid one Vicki?.. you dont even know the proper usage of the word "too".. so please back up bitch.. and get up off the people that are my friends..

I wanted to play nice and let every one comment on my blog.. now I am pushed to exclude anonymous comments.. I dont like that one bit .. but I will not tolerate people coming to my blog and hurting others.. just as they say I have done.. I guess that is the part that gets me.. I am accused of being many evil things among them hurtful yet... you do it as well .. people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones..

I hate the drama of all this.. I hate that my regular readers that have no idea what is going on have to deal with this .. so it stops NOW.. I am not going to let you disrupt my blog any more.. go away and dont come back .. you are not welcome here .. period.. behavour of this sort is childish .. I will not stand for it ..

So my dear readers please stay tuned.. tonight (hopefully ) we can resume regularly scheduled programming .. because I am almost done with my Pirate coat.. save the trim.. but as soon as I get it seamed up there will be pictures of it untrimmed.. cause I am that PROUD!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Sunday, September 18, 2005  


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