Tuesday, September 20, 2005


It has come to my realization in the past few days.. There will always be that one person in a group ready to stir the pot and cause problems. I probably should have ignored every thing that has happened.. but .. that of course would be unlike me to let something pass in which I didnt feel I deserved the actions of some one else. I have always stood up for what I believed. I always will. I dont lie. I dont have time for it. There are others in life that make it a game and try to tear down any one they possibly can that is not my style.

I want you all to know dear readers.. the drama over the past few days was caused by a fabricated email by some one who didnt even have the steel to confront me but used others to do their bidding. In that.. I have received an apology from Vicki. She was told an untruth by Shauna. Vicki believed this untruth because well.. I am not quite sure.. and dont want to speculate. I will say there are people that want to believe the worst in others no matter what. I actually am sad Vicki didnt feel she could come to me and ask me what was going on instead of heading a one woman vendetta on behalf of some one who told a bold faced lie. Every one has their reasons... The reason of this post is not to place blame nor is it to try to stir the pot anymore. Its to try to explain the bizarre happenings of the past three days.

I also want to say Vicki and I do not have the best of experiences of the past. I will not rehash that because there is no need it was done and over many months ago ... we were at a place where we could be in the same place at the same time and be civil. Until some one discontented with events that happend in June decided to try to stir it up again.. I can see where Vicki would want to think I had something to do with that given past experience with me. I do want to say this.. I defend myself.. my friends.. and my family. I do not hunt drama. I would not have said what was allegedly sent in the message Shauna recieved. Any one that knows me knows I would have said what I needed to say in such a different style.. I am going to post what Shauna says she recieved from me.. you be the judge.. She still insists I sent this message ( she deleted it of course and has no proof it was even sent) :

You really think people are going to help you with the blanket for your Aunt. Especially after the shit you pulled with Deneen. I dont think so. Just remember everyone here is friends with me, not with you! So get over it!

I will say this.. until two days ago I had no clue she was even gathering squares for her blanket. Second of all.. I had all but forgotten about the incident in June until it was mentioned to me the other night.I am one of those people that say what I need and I move forward .. I dont dwell on things from the past because you cant change them so its really a waste of time.. Every one that knows me, knows I am so totally not about who is friends with whom.. love me hate me I dont care and I really dont care who you are friends with .. I am not here to make people take sides like a second grader.

It is pitiful to me that some one can be so discontented in their life that they have to make trouble for other people and pull in as many more as they possibly can. The part about this that is most hurtful .. to not only me but the many people that read my blog and especially my family .. is the many vile and hate filled things that were said about me over something that didnt even happen.

My grandpa always said...words are like bullets .. you cant take them back .. once you let them loose and they do the damage there is no going back from there

he also said.. if you act in a way you have to go back and say you are sorry .. maybe you should have thought about what you did before you were lead to that regret..

So on that note.. I accept your apology Vicki.. but right now the damage is still fresh and the hateful and vile things you said were said .. somewhere in your heart you believed I could actually be the person I was painted to be .. so forgive me at the moment if you find me in a no so forgiving mood. ..

I do realize it took alot for you to come out publically and say you were sorry.. you have to realize you have hurt more than just me...you hurt my family and my friends with your words.. I wont say anything else but you have to look in the mirror and live with it..

Chapter Closed..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Tuesday, September 20, 2005  


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