Thursday, September 29, 2005

This Just IN !!!!

I get an email from my step mom today .. updating me on my dad .. it looks very good.. I am just gonna copy and paste what it said .. easier that way .. aso easier to update here than to send a million emails.. and those that want to read about it can and I am not needlessly mailing ppl that dont want to hear about it ...

"The surgeon that did your dad's surgery scoped his stomach Tues. to see if anything was restricting his food from going down. He also enlarged the opening to his small intestines. He has been on a full liquid diet (for 48 hrs.). He is doing great with it. It was so good to see him able to eat (or drink) something without it hurting him or making him sick. I hope he can get up and walk in a day or so. They also did test to try to see why his blood pressure is so low. Nothing showed up. They think if he can just get some nutrition he will be okay."

I emailed her and let her know that low blood pressure runs in our family .. hell the last time i took mine.. it was 99/65.... not to bad for my fat ass LOL... and when they checked his when i was there .. it was like 89/54... which is pretty low but not so low i would really worry .. but that is what causes the fainting is the drop in the blood pressure .. so .. if they can get it up a few points and he starts eating regularly I can see my dad much better by Christmas..

I am also headed out of here on the 24th for three weeks or so at home.. I think that will be just what the doctor ordered for the both of us

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