Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday ! Sat-tur-day!!!Saturday!

What a day .. I had so much fun.. !!! I was up at 8.30 like a little kid at Christmas.. I am telling you .. I drove to Raleigh today .. to meet up with Lani from Crochetville .. and her friend Kathy .. ( not sure if its a C or K so forgive me if I guessed was great.. and they were great a good time was had by all ..... we started at this place that is actually in Cary .. a suburb of Raleigh.. called Shuttles, Needles, and Hooks.. I have to say this.. the person that owns the store.. has a lot of nice stuff in there.. but the building its in .. needs some TLC.. its in an old house .. that looks as if I might just fall in on you if you stepped wrong.. I am sure Lani would agree with me as would Kathy .. secondly.. it was literally crammed full .. barely enough room to maneuver.. I am not a small girl but I am also not two ton tessie.. so any reasonable place I should have been able to move with out hitting something.. good thing I left my handbag in the car.. I got to feeling really closed in .. so I had to go outside about 30 minutes after we got there.. and I felt a wee bit overwhelmed at all the stuff and no real pricing system.. some things were marked some werent and if you needed to ask .. there was ONE lady working .. so you just had to wait til she had time to tell you .. obviously .. I didnt buy a thing there .. I hate having to ask the price of something.. in my opinion it should be clearly marked.. I shouldnt have to run some one down to find a price then try to decide if I want to pay that.. so we got out of there and headed to Great Yarns.. what a nice little shop.. nothing huge or fancy but really nice.. the ladies in there were very friendly and helpful and funny .. I think we all bought something there.. although my purchase wasnt yarn .. it was a set of circs I need to make a special project..

So we get back in the car.. it was nice .. i wasnt driving for a change I got to sit in back and talk and work on my projects I brought along.. we headed to A Southern Season .. if you are ever in Chapel Hill .. you must go there.. they all kinds of wonderful stuff.. international foods.. teas.. coffees..
chocolates..wines .. you get the picture .. just beautiful.. and the best part .. The Weathervane restuarant.... OMG.. we had the best lunch/dinner there.. Kathy had a grilled chicken sandwich and potato salad that had bacon in it .. yummm.. i tasted the salad not the chicken.. Lani had a fried green tomato BLT with black bean and corn salad.. yummmm.. I had a little of each of those .. I had seared scallops with a pimento cheese risotto .. OMG!!!! all if it was good and of course we indulged in dessert.. creme brulee for Lani... and this amazing Cheese cake for me that had caramel chocolate coconut and pecans.. to DIE for!! .. and of course a double Breve cause I needed fuel for shopping...

Anyway .. after our decadent meal ... we headed into the shop.. just let me tell you .. my hot drink swap partners.. are gonna be happy .. tea and coffee were purchased here.. also .. the best part of the day happened here.. so picture it..

We are walking through the tea section .. oohing and ahhing at the tea pots.. selection.. gadgets.. etc.. and we start really looking at the tea pots.. well there was this really cute happy Buddah one.. and I am not trying to be insulting to Buddah... or those who worship him but try to imagine.. happy buddah tea pot.. his back is at the handle.. belly toward the front.. so you can imagine the laughter that erupted from us.. when I turned him sideways.. and the spout.. well .. you can imagine.. the spout made Buddah look VERY happy !! I almost peed my pants laughing so hard..

Kathy , Lani and I made good partners in crime.. we all complimented each other well .. it was like we had always been friends .. it was an easy alliance to settle into for the day .. we are DEFINATELY doing this again .. and on the next adventure we might even find something as amusing as Buddah.. !!

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