Saturday, November 19, 2005

I Made It!!

well i made it safe and sound... the trip here was uneventful really which is the way i prefer it.. light traffic in the larger cities but nothing really note worthy .. Brutus slept most of the way .. and he especially liked it when I turned the seat warmer on for him ....

my niece loved her socks!! thanks again !!! we had to stretch them a little to have them fit her foot but that is ok !! she still loved them .. Harry Potter was great!!! this movie was seriously the best so far..and for any one who has read the books they know its the darkest one so far too .. i think they did a good job .. of course there were things lost but of course that is always the case.. if they went word for word we would have 6 hour films at least.. i think this one was very well done as were the others..

i slept over at my younger sister's last night just due to the lateness of getting finished with the movie.. i got to sleep in my nieces loft bed.. that brought back memeories..we used to have bunks as kids and i slept on top.....but this bed was taller...i was almost to the ceiling.. good thing i didnt forget where i was when i woke up .. that would have been bad....

I called my friend Kari last night on the way here.. we will be meeting up tuesday .. I cant wait!!SO I am off today to do just what ever the hell i like...

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