Monday, November 14, 2005

Good News!!

For all of you following the story of my Dad.. I have some good news. He has been home for a few weeks now.. and has gained 5 pounds!!!!!!!!! I talked to him last night .. He sounded SO good!! and of course complaining that he was still skinny.. SO if he is well enough to complain .. he is gonna be just fine.

Also.. while I am home.. my favourite uncle will be visiting from Missouri.. It will be good to see him and my aunt .. Hell.. it will just be good to be home for a while. I am going to be gone for two weeks.. but never fear.. there will be internet access.. maybe not every day .. but close to it.. and I will still be running my yarn store.. I am going to be home at least thru Thanksgiving and probably to the first of December.. that's the breaks when you have a house that isnt lived in .. you have to go clean it .. even though there is no one there.. and you have to get the yard up to standard so the neighbors dont complain.. and you have to winterize it so you dont come home to busted pipes.. then there is the whole .. "while i am here why dont i get rid of some stuff so when I come home it wont be waiting for me thing" .. which leads to having to call one of your friends that has a truck cause seriously how much could I haul in my car.. it just snowballs.. I am gonna need at least 2 weeks to do all that stuff and spend quality time with my dad.. my nieces ... and my sister.. (yes I have two but one has made it clear she doesnt want to see me while I am at home .. something about me hating her boyfriend who treats her like shit.. and my niece too.. and of course me not being very quiet about how I feel about it.. especially the part about her spending Thanksgiving with him while her family including her daughter will be at my moms.. )

OK.. not gonna make this a "my family is so fucked up post" but it kind of is right now.. I am just still glad to be getting to spend a holiday at home.. its gonna be nice .. just quiet time at home in the evening .. a few days spent in the yard ( *note to self.. find the leaf blower*) .. maybe even some FIRE!....

My oldest Niece Jessica and I have a hot date Friday to go see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! .. I cant wait.. I have to get her scarf done and I am anxiously awaiting the SOCKS! .. she is gonna be so excited!

I also have her birthday gift to give.. I would show you all but .. She pops in and out of here.. so .. I am not going to spoil it.. all I can say is there will be pictures later.. and I know she will scream when she gets it..

At any rate.. I have a million things to do before home.. and three days to do them .. so Its time to get off my ass and move out for the day !! have a great one every one.. !! its beautiful here !

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