Friday, December 09, 2005


ok.. i have had it!! seriously had it .. there are so many negative people I cant stand it any more.. seriously.. I know I am not always the most uplifting person.. but for the love of bacon!.. I am not going to point fingers and name names.. but if you read my blog and it applies to you .. then so be it .. if it doesnt disregard.. and you just might agree with me too ..

in the course of my daily surfing there are places i go.. people i see.. and lately i will say i have seen more negativity coming out from mainly one person(there are a few but one seems to have enough saved to just outweigh every one else)
.. than i have seen in a long while.. if it isnt giving unsolicited opinion or grousing about something you recieved for free.. its just general negativity.. and it SUCKS! and personally if that is the way you are in real life .. i feel for those around you ..

i can see a bad day every now and then .. i can see the random gripe.. cause I have those and do those too( i am doing it now) .. but come on! .. i would dare say 9 out of the 10 things i come across from this person are negative .. or has some sort of negative connotation.. and if it didnt start that way it gets turned that way .. i have some advice.. please go drink some green tea and chill.. and be thankful for all the good things in your life.. not complain about the colour of the yarn you got for FREE!!.. or your significant others worst habit.. or .. the worst experience you have ever had etc..

I have come too far in this life to dwell on shit like makes me crazy.. I have a different outlook i suppose.. i have cheated death.. I have been to the brink and back.. i am lucky .. and fucking estatic every day i wake up and realize i am still breathing.. cause i know how quickly that can be taken away .. I have fought sickness to be here. .. three times.. no less.. and I will say i have a less than tolerant outlook when other people use their sickness as a crutch .. and even less tolerant attitude extended to people who cant find one bit of joy in their lives and have to spread the rot to every one else..

ok i am breathing .. i promise.. just sick to death of the continual negativity and cant believe one person has so much built up.. gonna go punch on my speed bag a while.. be back later.. with tales of home !!

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