Tuesday, November 28, 2006


its been a month.. a MONTH i tell you .. i cant believe its been a month since i posted last... its been a busy month.. actually three months am i am finally slowing down to a semi normal pace of life.. i think since september i have only spent one maybe two weekends at home and it seems i have been on a perpetual trip since sept.. man!!

Kari had to remind me i have been neglectful of my bog..

Kari: when are you gonna blog?

Me: oh soon .. when i slow down a little ..

Kari: Oh so the first of the year ?

Me: it hasnt been THAT long...

Kari: its kind of been like forever since you blogged

Me: really ? DAMN.. its been a month.. why didnt you say so ?

Kari:*banging head on desk*

needless to say i couldnt possibly tell you every thing i have been doing it would take way too long...however.. iwill try to get an "autumn in pictures" presentation together so you can see what i have been up to.. its just easier that way .. and now that i am slowing down i am going to try to mind my blogging duties better..

have a great day guys.. hope you had a great thanksgiving.. !!

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