Monday, August 28, 2006

(Not So) Holy Roller

so tonight i went to witness my niece who is 11 get baptized.. that part wasnt so bad.. the sermon after pissed me off.. i was ready to get up and walk out in the middle but felt it would cause a scene.. and i didnt want to embarrass my sister or my mother ..

my older sister felt the same way .. we conversed after the service and we were both offended.. i dont remember the members of the church being such closed minded judgmental people.. but then again the last time i really went i was 11.. i am not saying all people that go to church are this way .. all i am saying is this particular sermon hit all over me in all kinds of wrong ways..

first off.. the pastor blamed the acceptance of same sex marriages on the fact women were allowed to become pastors.. i am NOT kidding you .. his logic went as such.. since those churches went against the ancient teachings of the bible and let women be in charge.. its made a weak link in the "system" so to speak that men would have never allowed .. and these such churches sympathize with homosexuals and condone same sex marriages.. so its the woman's fault cause she was allowed to lead men.. an OBVIOUS role she shouldnt have .. he went on to say that women in the church should NOT be allowed to teach men nor are they allowed to to know more than men ..if they had questions about their teachings they are to wait til they get home and ask their husband to explain... WTF? please let me tell you HOW much this pissed me off.. and i guess the part that made me most upset.. is that .. this is the kind of thinking my niece just got baptized into upholding.. i hope she grows up thinking for herself and decide for herself.. that is all i can say about that .. i respect my sister for wanting to believe in something and trying to do the right thing for her kids.. and i wont go and try to tell my niece what to believe or not to believe ..but i believe that women should be at least treated equally ..

i am still reeling ............and please make a note.. that i usually dont even discuss religion or anything..and i am not trying to blast religion.. i am just saying i think its very wrong to teach your children that women are some how lesser than men .. its archaic this is just very upsetting to me ..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Monday, August 28, 2006  


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