Friday, August 04, 2006

Foodie Friday Easy Peasy Hummus

umm yeah .. i have been SO snakes on a plane about foodie friday..

and uh yeah .. i made a pun with my recipe title.. keep reading you will see why

this is one of my FAVOURITE spreads/dips/ whatever you wanna call it... its mulitpurpose and good for you .. and oh so many varieties.. so here you go .. not rocket science by ANY means

2 cans chick peas.. you can cook your own if so inclined.. too hot right now.. reserve about a 1/4 cup "juice" per can.. if you want to use more peas can .. this makes it easy to figure out how much liquid you should have

open and dump in food processor or blender.. i use a blender cause i consider a FP wasted space .. too much crap comes with them.. i digress..

fresh garlic to taste.. i use about a half of a head for two cans of peas.. its really garlicky this way .. i peel and coarsely chop and throw it in the blender..

a good pour of olive oil.. i would say about a half cup..

i like spicy so i add a dash of cayenne.. some salt.. and some freshly cracked black pepper..

then i throw in a handful of hot banana pepper rings.. you can use mild.. you can use a few.. you can use roasted red bell pepper if you wish to have a milder version.. want hotter.. use habaneros.. or throw in a dash of habanero hot sauce.. i also put in a little of the "juice" from the peppers..

and that is it.. put the lid on the blender.. turn it on.. let it blend.. turning off and scraping the sides til well blended and smooth.. add a little water or extra chick pea juice to get the right consistancy.. serve with crackers.. pita points.. or use as a spread on a sandwich .. or as filling.. or dip baby carrots or celery.. its really tasty..

this can be kept in an airtight container for up to three weeks in the fridge or can be frozen with good result.. a batch around here doesnt last that long ..

you can use alot of different things... imagination.. can take you many places.. ENJOY!!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Friday, August 04, 2006  


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