Thursday, August 03, 2006


.. yeah its been that way every where.. and i am actually thankful.. that its really not been THAT bad here.. i mean i am in the south what do i expect from my summer weather but heat and humidity.. its just been oppressive the past couple of days.. and i do have to admit.. i giggle ever so slightly when talking to a friend in boston and its hotter there.. cause i was told at one point or asked rather "how can you live in the south with all that heat?".. well apparently its hotter there right now.. so .. you tell me ? LOL.. i am so bad..

despite the weather .. i have been walking.. it sucks but . you know .. i have to train or i will never make my 20 miles per day on the walk !

I did break down .. shut my windows and turn on my down stairs AC units the other day .. and boy am i glad.. i was just running it upstairs and at night.. but the past few days would have been enough to just kill me i think had i not done it. its pleasant in here and my units dont run near as much as one might think..

in case you havent heard.. Kari and I are going to YARN SCHOOL!!.. i cant wait its gonna be so much fun .. we are trying to recruit some more victims fun people to join us.. i cant think of a better way to spend a long weekend.. i think i will even take my kite and see if i can get some flying in the site shows a nice hay field suitable for that kind of thing.. i dont know what i am more excited about.. learning some awesome trick spinning or seeing and meeting ALPACA.. cause .. well i love me some alpaca!! We are both hoping to have our wheels by then too .. i mean they offer a package and its a SWEET deal.. i just dont want the wheel they are offering.. so i am gonna just bring my own ..

been fairly productive around here lately.. getting the foyer done.. boxes all unpacked.. i only have a million or so few more boxes full of crafty stuff that will probably have to sit a little while longer .. having an old house has drawbacks.. closet space.. or lack thereof .. is one of them .. i do have a plan though.. there is alot os space under my stairs not being used very well.. soo.. i am going to implement a plan and get that to be my craft /storage space..

at anyrate.. i wanted to post and let every one know the snakes on the plane didnt eat me !!

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