Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Love of My Life

hehe i dont think its what you had in mind.. but ..

i have been bombed with email and requests to show you my house.. and quite frankly .. i havent been able to upload pics from my camera cause ..well i have "misplaced" my cable that attaches it to my computer.. so yesterday .. between bouts of misfortune LOL.. i managed to snap a couple with my phone (yes my phone! it takes great pics .. who knew?) and i was able to send them to myself via email.. and then crop and fix them up and then uplaod them to photo bucket

so a few fast facts..

~ my house was built in bedroom.. the kitchen and bath were added in the early to mid 20's

~ i have about an inch shy of an acre for a yard

~ i am aware the columns look like crap .. i have ordered new ones and i await their arrival.. they will be the turned ones .. and when they get here and are changed out .. i will put up railing and a little ginger bread around the front like it used to be.. i have a back porch for reference .. its closed in but the original colums are there and the gingerbread.. why it was stripped off.. i cant tell you ....but i am putting it back on ..

~please ignore the crap in the back yard.. work in progress..LOL .. and as you can see on the back pic .. i have gotten to the flower bed on the right and the one on the left is being ridded of the mint jungle as we speak (type... whatever) i worked out there a bit this morning before it got so hot

~ i am in total love with my house.. when i walked in her for the first time i KNEW i was home .. i wish every one the same experience when buying a house and hope its as easy as i had it.. this was only the third house i viewed.. and it was THE one.. if only dating was this easy LOL...i made an offer on the spot and only had to wait about 12 hours for an answer .. woohoo! that was easy .. then i signed a couple papers and wrote them a check..

~i thoroughly enjoy my home

~ when i was 11 i had a dream about a house that was white with a wrap around porch and a green roof.. and i knew some how .. some way .. some day .. i would have that house.. this house had a green roof when i bought her.. and it looks almost exactly like the one i dreamed about

~every thing i do here is a labour of love..

so with out further ado..

my house.. been trying to name her for the past 9 years and havent come up wiht any thing.. if one of you clever folks have an idea i am open .. please throw it out .. thanks !!



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