Tuesday, July 18, 2006


*disclaimer*----those of you that really know me know i rarely bitch about my life.. i have a pretty good one .. but yesterday i was in a weird vortex that has to be chronicled..

have you ever gotten up and really wondered why you did.. ? you knew your day was gonna be one big clusterfuck from beginning to end but you got up anyway put your best game face on and tried to make the best of the shitty day ahead..

that was my day yesterday .. of course there are some things going on with me that i will not post about .. sorry to keep you in suspense or "tease you " but my private life is just that.. and there are a few of you that get to know all about it .. at anyrate lets just say .. it really started sunday evening .. with a small bit of frustration and a little heart ache.. then monday morning it just got better .. i say that with the most sarcasm possible in the written word..

it was much like to day waking up .. i woke up with a headache.. how the fuck do i manage that ? get up .. hot as fuck outside.. my great dane has sensitive skin so the heat gets to him and if i don t keep one of those lampshade things on him he chews himself raw on the haunches.. its liek hot spots on steriods.. at anyrate .. he managed to get out of the collar.. i wake up to him chewing.. and look down .. i swear he looks like a baboon .. red ass.. gah.. and the smell we wont go there.. so i get up .. get some water.. take some medicine for the head ache.. clean the stupid dog up .. i just gave him a bath sunday .. little fucker..

let them both out .. the dane and the boston.. brutus the boston finds the first dead thing he can and rolls in it.. again.. just gave them a bath sunday.. GAH! bath for both again the DAY after i just gave them one..

then it seemed every thing i picked up i dropped.. not a big deal really .. nothing broken jsut me being clumsy.. until Jezabel.. my newest little kitten decides she is gonna help out with the clumsy thing and gets under my feet.. as i was trying to put a plate away .. so trying not to stomp her results in .. one twisted ankle.. one twisted back .. two plates dropped cause it just worked that the plate i was putting away was just in the right postition to pull another out of the cabinet.. so one broke one didnt.. and let me tell you the one was a cheap assed white ironstone plate and the other was my grandmothers blue willow serving platter that was about 21 inches wide.. let me let you guess which one broke.. uh huh.. you got it.. the blue willow one.. i was sick.. still am sick over .. cause i found a replacement .. for $300 .. *faint*.. i will say this though .. the blue willow was given to me with a promise i would use it and not stick it in a cabinet so grandma.. i know you arent reading .. but you should be proud to know i am doing as you asked.. it just makes me sick that i broke my biggest serving piece trying not to trip over a stupid cat..

moving forward.. go out side to try to get my new garden cart together.. i really should have just given up on my day after the platter but did i take the fucking hint? no i am stubborn like that.. so .. i get out there .. to put this thing together.. it doesnt have all the parts WTF? sealed NEW box.. i guess it was packed on a friday some one was in a hurry to git r done.. i come in .. i have two boxes of nuts bolts screws etc.. so i found something that would work til i could get to the hardware store or call for replacement parts.. because i needed it to walk my gargabe to the trash center today .. (part of endurance training.. pulling a cart with weight for 3/4 a mile then back empty)

i sit down last night to knit.. nothing goes right.. til about 2 am then i hit a good groove.. i go down stairs thinking hey .. new day .. its gonna be all right..

in the kitchen to get a bottle or two of water so i can go back upstairs finish watching Clerks .. and knit a little more.. i celebrated a little too soon.. apparently i didnt get the platter cleaned up really well.. i stepped down on a small piece of porcelain.. that i had to remove from the dead center of the bottom of my foot with a pair of tweezers .. with much cursing.. a little clean up later my foot was ok.. it hurts like a bitch today .. puncture wounds do .. so when i got up for my walk this morning you can bet every step had pain involved.. two whole miles of it..

so how was your day ??

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