Sunday, June 18, 2006


finally wired and back on line.. woohoo.. the cable guy did in fact come to hook me up wednesday as promised ..however.. the company didnt plan for my "special needs" case LOL.. first off.. my house is over 100.. second.. my house is more than 70 ft deep .. third if they have to run line more than 100 feet they have to use a different wire.. ( i did not know this ) .. so when he got here wednesday .. needless to say .. the wire i needed for my house .. well there just wasnt enough on the truck to do what had to be done.. the nearest hook up was across the street.. it had to run from that box.. across the neighbor's yard and be tied to the pole on the side of the drive then to my house and ran underneath.. so lets review.. house more than 70 feet.. across the street.. across the yard .. down to my house.. yeah i think that was over 100 anyway .. i am here now and that is what matters with only 3 holes drilled in my 100+ year old floor in very inconspicuous places.. the less electronic stuff showing in this house the better.. that is why i chose to hide my computer tower in my radio cabinet.. the only thing you see when you l ook in this room is the monitor and the lights on the modem .. no cords.. no tower.. key board and mouse sleep in a drawer.. its nice.. and i like hiding my tv upstairs.. and in this room its in the closet.. literally .. i take it out when i want to use it ..

any way off that tangent .. been working on the two years of over growth outside.. done a little unpacking.. and just .. well been enjoying the HELL out of being home.. damn if it doesnt feel good.. i sat on my porch swing today drinking an ice cold beer and watched the rain after getting the last of the trimmed branches and stuff hauled to the back of the yard for my bonfire later this summer.. the rain started just as i was pulling in all the stuff i had been using.. umm did i mention i bought a chain saw the other day ? man is it SWEET husqvarna 455 .. that bitch saws thru wood like buttah .. made quick work of the 4 trees that needed taken out and cut up .. and i trimmed the front trees with my new fiskars by pass pruners.. and hacked up my spirea with my hedgetrimmers.. man i love me some tools .. and destruction.. my Fosters was completely earned today and yesterday ..

well off to bed with my tired ass.. tomorrow.. its gutter cleaning and faucet repair.. woohoo the joys of coming home to a house that hasnt been occupied much in two years.. i sure do love the old girl.. she IS the love of my life.. pics later..

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