Thursday, June 01, 2006

(Not So) Adoring Fan

Sorry .. no Virginia part 2.. but i had to show this .. cause you know she posted this a few posts back not on the current one.. its easy to be bold when you dont have ppl really reading what you say and you hide who you are ..

This JUST in from know she is one of those ppl who go cruising blogs and making nasty comments.. but doesnt have the balls to have a public blog for you to you know maybe see who she is or what she is about ..very lame if you ask me.. the least you could do is OWN your words.. i own mine.. and i dont apologize for any thing i say .. and as stated before if you want to judge me by the few words you read .. then go ahead.. knowing the real me is very different than sound bites..

Maybe if you didnt come off as such a bitch......reread some of your posts and threads....its so obvious....I just think most people dont have to guts to tell you.(hey einstein.. i have never claimed not to be .. i have always said i am perceived as a bitch and never have said i wasnt.. i am bitchy.. love me or leave me ) You keep bringing up the fact that people percieve you a certain way ...and then complain about it (hmm complain.. no.. wonder why they think of me like that when they havent taken the time to really know me.. yes.. most of the ppl i accuse of this.. are ppl unlike you .. have never visted my blog and only know me from snippets of info they have gotten other places) of course, you dont name It could be directed at anyone.( i dont name people because .. well the ppl it applies to .. it applies to .. and the ppl it doesnt.. know it doesnt .. no need to name names is there ? ) and you have the BALLS to wonder WHy people think of you this way?get a clue...(clues .. like ones to who you are .. since you DONT have the balls to be known.. quite easy to sit and throw stones when no one knows who you are ).as for remaining incognito and keeping blogs WHAT? (apparently you totally missed the point i was making.. ppl that have anonymous blogs .. such as yourself that go around throwing insults at ppl that DO put out their stuff publicly is hypocritical.. think about that.. will you ? .. or have i stressed that brain with too many big words? ) YOU are the one putting this out for all to see...and its like "what you see is whatyou get" bitchy arrogant ,BOLD , bitter bitch. --(what you see is what i SHOW You .. there is more to me than this blog .. or what i make public.. and that is the point i have been trying to make.. blogs are a glimpse into what i ALLOW to be seen.. so if you want to judge me on a few blog posts.. or what ever else you think you know about me .. go ahead.. the point is.. there is so much m ore and apparently you cant quite comprehend that )

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