Friday, April 28, 2006

Foodie Friday

i will be the first to admit when i eat something at a resturant i really like.. i will try to make it at home.. and this is what happens ... this is a knock off version of Olive Garden's soup.. its really good.. i have made it and even walked a friend or two thru making it..

MY Zuppa Toscano

1 pkg turkey italian sausage links (there are 5 in there.. if you wanna use regular you can .. or more you can this is my sttempt at cutting fat)

3 or 4 tbsp Better Than Both Turkey soup base.. this is the stuff that comes in a jar and is like a paste.. it really IS better than broth or bouillion.. and worht the money .. (chicken can be substituted or vegetable if you cant find the turkey)


one bag fresh spinach , coarsely chopped.. or 8 oz frozen chopped spinach thawed

6 med potatoes cubed

1 tbsp olive oil...

in large stock or soup pot heat oil and sautee onions til translucent.. add potatoes and about a gallon of water.. and soup stock paste( you will wanna taste and make sure its enough... if you want to add more then do so ) .. while this is cooking.. brown sausages in a skillet or on a griller..when done cut sausages into bite sized pieces.. i usually make mine half moons.. and throw into the pot with the potatoes.. let simmer til potatoes are almost done.. at this point you can add salt pepper garlic if you like .. then throw in the spinach and cook for about 5 to 10 minutes .. serve with toast points or garlic bread .. enjoy !!

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