Wednesday, April 05, 2006


there are a few people out there that i think need some clarity in the situation in which i find myself..

first of all.. all of you that think i might change my mind and come back.. i hate to disappoint but .. its not happening.. it wasnt just this ONE thing.. its been building for a year.. or so .. It seems i found myself in a place where i had to defend myself at least once a week if not almost daily.. gets tiring when people have skin so thin that no matter what is said they take it wrong.. and honestly i dont see how any one could miscontrue my words because i try to use the least amount possible to get my point across.. my bluntness is one of the things that usually got me in trouble.. i digress.. i am to the point and i say what i need and i go on .. if some one feels bad because of it.. that wasnt my intent but i cant apologize to every one for every thing i say .. what kind of life would that be? it just got so tiring .. so the last incident was just the straw dear readers.. that finally broke me.. and i cant say it enough.. i am so done.. and even with me being gone.. no one knows the entire thing because its being glossed.. as usual.. there have been several emails and PM's floating around telling the people closest to me not to tell the truth because well .. its not necessary.. what a load of bullshit...

then there are the people that have not taken a single second to know me ... read a blog post .. or even send me a personal email but choose to blog about me since they "know " me so well and spew lies and untruths .. then claim they have NEVER said anything untrue on their blog.. i wont link her because i dont believe she deserves any more attention than she tries to get already.. and besides..she is too chickenshit to stand behind what she says anyway .. she has turned off comments on her blog because she couldnt take the heat when people came around and pointed out the truth to her.. so she can stand behind her blasphemous blog.. and spew hatred and claim to be a christain because in the end.. i know what the truth is .. and so do the people that matter .. and she ISNT one of those .. but i would like to show you a few things she took it upon herself to say ..

"Many many times she has logged on only to say mean and hurtful things. I'm told she's just being honest but there is a fine line between saying something nicely and being outright mean."

i never logged on just to be mean .. and if being to the point is mean.. well call me guilty

"Valerie supposedly was killed Elizabeth took it upon herself to find out the truth. She made phone calls and inquiries and found out that she had not been killed. She posted as much and from what she says in her blog she was attacked because of this. I have read the particular thread in question several times and all I've seen is thanks to her for finding out the truth. After this fiasco she decided to leave Crochetville and she's quite bitter about it"

bitter .. umm no that isnt a word i would use to describe me .. also .. you dont know the whole of what is going on so you have no reason to even be editorial about this .. in PUBLIC i was thanked.. behind the scenes.. no so much ..discplinary actions were being planned but not until after i was to be used to run an auction to make money ..

"Now, saying all of this and getting it off my chest I just want to add that I feel sorry for her."

please save it.. i dont need your pity or any one elses and have never asked for any

"Oh and by the way, I will NEVER purchase anything from Three Olives store. She does beautiful work with her yarns but I can't possibly contribute to someone who is so mean and spiteful that they do these kinds of things. I'd much rather spend my money with people who are nice, polite and try to help people"

thanks for saying my stuff is beatuiful i do appreciate that part...mean and spiteful..yet i raised enough money last year to keep the board you enjoy running for a year.. and just what kind of things are those.. be to the point .. try to get ppl to understand how things are supposed to work ? and umm have you not read the comments to my last post where SEVERAL people stated i was very helpful to them in the course of being at crochetville..

"I didn't leave a comment on her blog as I noticed she edited out every single person who crossed her and didn't agree with her. I will never edit someone who comments on my blog unless they curse and are mean."

total bullshit.. on my last post one poster removed her comment ..edited it and re added it.. i have NEVER censored my comments nor have i ever edited comments or taken out ones that flamed the hell out of me.. you have not taken the time to even read my blog.. or you would know i have a BIG stand against censorship here.. and i dont do those things.. but.. you took the time to REMOVE every single comment left for your post because NONE of them agree wtih you .. and closed them for further commentation

"It's a sad time in the world when people would rather be mean and hateful than nice to each other"

amen sister! that is why you have a whole post on your blog about me and how bitter and mean i am right?

"After my post this morning, several people felt the need to attack me personally so I had to remove all comments from my blog. I am sorry for those of you who used to leave me comments but hopefully after awhile I'll be able to enable that feature again."

hmm isnt this what you just accused me of on the last post you made? yet i didnt do any such.. and you did..

"I was taught to believe the best in people and that everyone deep down is loving and kind. Unfortunately the world has gone crazy and people feel the need to say mean and hateful things to others."

yeah like that whole blog post yesterday on how mean and bitter i was ? right ? hmmm when the only thing said about you in mine was the fact you posted 5 million stupid posts a day complaining about every wrong thing in your life..

"Throughout all the recent drama I have never called others names and said anything that wasn't true."

wrong again .. because i am not bitter and out to get the world.. and i dont censor..i am also not alone.. nor do i sell 50 dollar yarn but we will get to that in a minute..

"It is so sad that some people are only happy when they are trashing others."

hmm again... just like your blog post did to me ?

"The only person I have ever singled out on this blog is someone who disrespected me on hers! I was never rude to her, nor did I post things that were mean and hateful like she has."

no? no mean and hateful things let's refer back to that whole post on how bitter and terrible i am again please .. and as stated before i have made one reference to you on my blog and it was truthful..

"She called me "cheap" on my own blog! Just because I don't spend $50 on one skein of her precious hand spun yarn that doesn't make me cheap."

yeah i did .. i dont recall EVER selling a hank of yarn for 50 dollars first off.. and second.. you have ADMITTED you are cheap so dont act like this was some sort of revelation to the world or some big surprise to you ..

" Maybe that's why she's all alone and doesn't have anyone special to share her life with."

hmmm this again tells you just how much you DONT know about me ..

just because i dont braodcast the intimate details of my life on the net for public consumption does NOT mean i am alone in this world.. my personal life is just that personal.. and those that do know me know the details of my personal life.. sorry you havent been privvy but you would have just passed judgement on it anyway so i guess its probalby best that you didnt know what goes on "behind closed doors " in my home..

this is just so unbelieveable to me.. all the contradiction from ONE person..unreal.. but you know i am so mean and hateful and bitter and alone i cant possibly understand some one that loves herself flaws and all could i? and i also must be stupid as fuck not to be able to understand her .. i dont know just seems to me that she has an axe to grind and i was the first stone she could find to try..

sheesh.. and she wants the drama to end because she is such a happy person and there are so many ppl supporting her unreasearched simpleton view of me and they dynamic of a board that drove me to quit it.. i am so glad i dont have to deal any more ..

all that being said i feel so much lighter.. and have for two days.. the only stress i have coming is the sorting of all the auction items and getting them either to the next auctioneer.. which is yet to be determined or back to the rightful owners as requested.. or choosing some randoms to give and act of kindness to as requested.. and if that is all i have to worry about then i think i am gonna be ok .. what ya think?

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