Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Project Yuckway

If you havent seen the finale of Project Runway dont read any farther..

but.. let me just say .. I am SO disappointed in the outcome.. BEYOND disappointed..

the Three finalist.. Chloe.. Daniel.. Santino.. I hated Chloe's collection.. HATED it .. but she won.. I guess maybe i dont have the creative vision these other people have( or smoking the same crack pipe!) .. but i thought Santino should have won.. I have been a huge Santino fan from the go.. how could i not like him.. outspoken .. honest funny .. if he were straight i would date him (that voice.. god that voice) .. at any rate his collection was beautiful .. gorgeous his fabrics flowed.. colours were beautiful.. i loved the leather corset top.. Daniel would have been my second place pick.. his stuff was clean .. and nice.. but Chloe.. give me a break! that pink fabric was enough to make me crazy .. then gold .. and the green that looked like a table cloth.. GAH.. i think i need to go throw up.. i am sorely disappointed..

I would not be surprised to see Santino come out with his own line soon.. and do better than Chloe.. and was also impressed with Michael Kors telling Daniel if he ever needed a job to call him .. .. but so disappointed that she won.. yuck yuck yuck.. i am gonna go have a drink .. maybe two ..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Wednesday, March 08, 2006  


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