Thursday, February 09, 2006

Huge Announcement

yes.. this is really huge.. i wouldnt have said it .. if it wasnt... i am not that kind of person .. i wouldnt try to draw attention to myself if I didnt have something VERY important to say ... and it IS important.. and I am hoping it will be to all of you my dear readers .....

I took a huge step today ..

I have signed up for The 3 Day in Atlanta on October 20 to the 22nd..

This is an event where I have to raise a bunch of money .. for the honour to walk 60 miles for Breast Cancer research ..

I have to do the hard part.. I am asking you to do the easier part.. I need your help to raise the $2,200 dollars I need to walk .. I would absolutely love to give them $5,000 .. I think its an obtainable goal.. but would be happy with the $2,200

So.. I put a button in my side bar.. I created a separate paypal account if you would like to donate that way .. jsut click the button and go.. if you would like to send check or money order please email me for an address..

If you would like to send traffic my way .. please ask I will send you a button for your blog I added the button for you to steal on my side bar .. in the section that says "Things I Do "..please feel free to take and upload to your server and use it on your blog!! .. just by doing that would be a great help!!

Edited to Add...... I forgot to mention.. I will be matching funds up to $5,000 .. so I challenge you to help me make the biggest donation I can .. it would so rock to be able to hand them 10K for this deal.. as of right now .. i have $1033 dollars so far!

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