Thursday, February 02, 2006

I think she Finally got it

so my mom calls me yesterday .. and tells me .. "oh.. i have to go have a lumpectomy tomorrow".. i was like "ok" .. this is her third she is pretty calm about it any more(and we wont go into the odds of this happening to me and my sisters) but says .. "its not the lump but the mass under it they are worried about.. i am on anitbiotics already.." the part about this that alarms me ever so slightly .. is .. she just went to the doc THAT DAY.. and they got her right in to take care of this.. sometimes that speaks more than what they are really telling you ..

so today .. i was on pins and needles waiting for my mom to call or email or whatever to let me know something.. and you know .. it was kind of nice.. i know that sounds completely strange coming from me .. nice to worry but if you really know how my relationship with my mother works.. you would know.. i usually get a call AFTER every thing has happened to let me know OR here is how its gone mostly in the past .. i get to know at the holidays.. like this has happened and say Easter we all get together.. i would find out then cause some one would mention it and i would go " well when did this happen" and the answer would be "february" and of course i would have to say "well thanks for letting me know at easter " in my sarcastic way .. and i have always hated that .. being the last to know.. or getting second hand info from my sisters like you know i wasnt important enough to inform.. it was nice to get the call from my mom and actually be included in the process for a change.. and really this has nothing to do with me being so far away .. the way things have been in the past are exactly as i described and my mother lives only 20 minutes from me (when i am home) .. to say our relationship was "strained" in an understatement..i am not exaggerating when i say i have owned my house for 8 years now and my mother has been there exactly three times.. i am quite certain this is because i dont live the life she thinks i should have but i think maybe just maybe after 36 years she might have moved past it ..

so finally after all these years i feel like i am an actual person in the family instead of the "oh by the way " and it feels good.. i wont say things are all rosy now.. they arent.. but at least my mom is making some sort of effort and i do acknowlege that and will try to be more receptive .. and maybe even make a better effort myself.. i used to .. it just got really old being the only one trying ..

SO .. she has bucked the system for a long time .. and not wanted to learn how to use email.. so you can imagine my surprise when i get an email from my mom tonight.. at first i was like "who in the hell is Nancy H____" and then it was like a light went on .. i was like OMG mom figured out email.. how strange LOL.. i forget sometimes she doesnt have the same last name LOL.. so anyway .. i got the note.. every thing is benign .. and the mass.. was just some infected tissue.. so the antibiotics should knock it out .. she gets to have the rest of the week off .. so she better take it easy ..

i will be calling to check..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Thursday, February 02, 2006  


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