Sunday, January 15, 2006

Random Stuff

A few of you commented on Cupcake and his unusual colouring.. I have to say I feel very honoured to have found him and have him as a pet.. you see.. his colour .. Merle .. wasnt an accepted colour for dog shows whenI got him .. so what owners would do .. and still do .. is *shudder* .. euthanize puppies that werent the "right colour" or up to certain standards if homes couldnt be found for them .. it makes me sick .. the very thought.. so anyway ..I found him and just knew he needed to be mine!! He has been a wonderful dog on so many levels.. he is a character.. he is also a runt.. at 117 pounds he is a small Great Dane.. I am thankful for that.. he is still not a small dog.. by any means.. but small enough I can still control him .. he has been a very good pet .. and of course thinks he is Brutus size LOL..

anyway .. this weekend has been fairly relaxed.. and of course has left me thinking about alot of things.. I guess I just dont get close minded people.. they leave me scratching my head.. and I guess the part about them I dont get even more is they get offended when you dont agree with them or dont think the same as they do ..i find this happens more regularly here in the south.. and I venture to say its has alot to do with religion.. I am not saying all of them are like that or its one specific religion.. but it in most cases i have seen .. its the case..or those who dont have an enlightend view of the world.. you know.. those people that have never been more than 20 miles outside their own home town and have no desire to do so....and believe what ever their best friend tells them with out further proof.. me.. i question everything.. i want facts.. hard data..

I want to know.. what happened to liking some one for who they are .. not for who or what they worship.. I have many people in my life that dont even know what i believe or what i don t ... they still consider me a good person .. then I have those few that find out.. and all of a sudden .. i am no longer worthy of them .. or having them talk to me.. i dont get that .. nothing changed about me.. i am still the good person they believed me to be .. i just happen to not be in the same school of thought about religion they are.. that is why for the most part i avoid those conversations all together.. there are times though it cant be avoided because some one has made an assumption about me I have to clear ..

I guess what I am really saying is .. does it matter .. if say.. i worship little green men with purple dots.. ? would it make me any less a good person if i did ? the answer is no.. so why be hung up on it ?... i totally dont get it .. its a head scratcher to me ..

I also dont get those people that thrive on drama .. and stirrring the pot..those that every day is a drama.. and they have to tell the whole world about it or they would just die i think .. I dont need attention that badly to make a huge deal out of hang nail or some one being rude to me .. but you know the kind I am talking about .. the ones that think any kind of attention is better than none.. and then want to get upset when you tell them you dont want to hear their story for the 12th time in an hour.. the kind that can say they are grateful for things but do so by reminding us how bad their lives are in the process. makes me crazy ..

so there are two things to do .. let it get to me .. which in a way it has but not really .. or laugh at it.. which is what i do most of the time with a few select friends.. and fuck if we dont get some good laughs in .. i wonder what these people did before the internet.. and public forums.. i wonder if they stood in front of the super market telling strangers their woes? that is a funny thought isnt it ? I think it is .. these people who claim they have no one else to talk to .. well my advice.. get off your ass .. and out from in front of your computer and go make some friends.. DUH!

I will say in this town I cant say I have one person I really call a friend.. i have some acquaintances that I go places with and do things with .. but friends .. not so much.. and that is fine by me.. I have my family at home and a ring of friends on the net.. and when I get home in a few months .. my close friends will still be there.. and I will do things with them .. but i dont .. out of boredom come here or any of the other places i frequent and make a huge deal about the crap that happens in my day or the unjust things the world has thrown at me daily.. god .. you all would be so sick of that shit quicky.. i would bore my damn self LOL..

I am not really one a rant here.. i think I am jsut rambling.. random things ..

also.. there are people that ask advice about every decsion they make in their lives to people on the net .. does that seem insane to you ? it does to me .. and also if you cant make a simple decision about something on your own.. how did you make it this far in life ? really .. i wanna know.. then the next thing I want to know.. is .. when you ask for said opinion and one is given.. why do you wanna get mad at the answer ? you asked.. i told you .. if you dont like it shove it .. cause you asked for it .. sheesh! if you dont really want the answer to the question dont ask it .. especially to me LOL.. cause i will tell you what i think and i wont sugar coat it .. any one that really knows me .. will tell you that is the dead on truth!

i guess I am on more of a roll here than i ever thought I would be.. just seems to be spewing.. I am just full up with stupidity most of all .. just plain stupidity kills me ..especially on a board i go to often .. people who cant use a search engine before they ask a question..(do you know how many times fulling/felting has been explained.. SEARCH.. you will know !!) also people that cant read a response in a thread before responding and saying the SAME THING that has already been said. ..or beating a dead horse.. or posting something just to stir shit ..or making the same pattern in different colours and posting each as a new thread instead of grouping them all together .. just whatever.. getting mad because there are certain things that cant be talked about.. like that leaves NOTHING to discuss..

ok i think i am done.. its been building for a while .. i guess .. i keep saying i guess LOL what kind of wishy washy assed mood am i in tonight .. not really one at all .. just fed up with people bound and etermined to bring the rest of us down with them .. all i can say .. is look at your lives.. and be glad you have happy about every day you wake up breathing.. not every one is so lucky

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