Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tag I am IT!

oo Deneen you evil woman.. you !!

you knew you had to tag me or i wasnt gonna do it .. so i am tagged and here i go ..

the 7 things meme

A.Seven Things To Do Before I Die...

1. Stand on the top of Machu Picchu

2. See the Pyramids.. (doing that THIS year woohoo!)

3. Get my business to where I want it to be.. and actually be able to afford to hire an employee.. so I can say I am a "real" business .. lol..

4. Fall Deeply Madly Truly

5. Set an example for my nieces.. so they know they dont have to have a man nor children to live a productive happy life.. that stuff is icing.. not a necessity ..

6. Get my house totally refurbished.. any one that owns a house that is older than 100 knows EXACTLY what i am talking about ..

7. Take my sisters on an all girl .. no kids.. no SO's retreat.. for a week.. in Mexico.. or some place we can lay on the beach and ring bells for drinks

B. Seven Things I Cannot Do

1. Sing in front of an audience.. i have terrible stage fright.. sound great at home .. in the car with my friends.. but get me in front of strangers.. FROZEN!

2. Stand on one foot and touch my nose with my head tilted back.. some one will have to bail me out of jail if I ever get pulled over and given this test.. I cant do it sober.. let alone under the influence

3. Have Children (please no sorries or sympathy.... life turns out the way it should... not always what you plan .. remember that !)

4. Resist a good bargain!

5. Turn my thoughts off..

6. Give up coffee.. completely .. and i should..

7. Give up on love.. (my favourite line from Love Actually .. "lets go get the shit kicked out of us by love".. story of my life.. )

C. Seven Things That Attract Me:

1. Intelligence

2. Texture.. i have to touch to see what it feels like.. could be yarn.. a wall.. fabric.. hair..

3. Information...Knowelege is every thing and unending

4. Colours.. and the unlimited combinations and possibilities..

5. Art..

6. Music

7. Motorcycles

D. Seven Things I Say Most Often

(if you really know me none of these should shock you )

1. Fuck

2. Mother Fucker

3.What the Fuck

4. No FUCKING way..

(notice the trend.. it IS my favourite word.. so versatile)

5. Holy Hell

6. *insert animal name here* Go Lay Down Before I Kill You ( and i wouldnt .....there are just days they get on my last nerve)

7. You have GOT to be kidding me..

E. Seven Books (or series or genres or topics) that I love

1. Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit

2. Harry Potter

3. Auto/Biography

4. Cook Books!!

5. History

6. Crafting or Skill teaching books (knit crochet wood working paper making .. you get the drift)

7.Photography .. a picture really IS worth a thousand words at times.. and says it better

F Seven Movies I watch over and over .. (or would If I had the time)

1. The Grinch.. cartoon and motion picture form

2. Gone With The Wind

3. Casablanca

4.Any thing with John Cusack.. Better Off Dead is my all time fave !

5. Harry Potter series

6. Any and All James Bond.. even though i think Sean Connery was the best..

7. Pretty Woman

I am not gonna tag any one cause I am probably the last one to go .. so if you see it.. wanna do it.. go for it.. if not.. well that 's ok .. be that way dont tell us anything about you .. we didnt wanna know anyway LOL..

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