Tuesday, January 10, 2006

NO Snowflakes

well i dropped my favourite hook in my favourite chair today .. and it pissed me off so bad .. i couldnt retrieve it.. it was like the chair ate it .. even with a flash light i couldnt see it.. and its not like i can go out and buy a new one.. its a number 5 hero hook made in germany .. i just didnt even make a flake today .. off to a great start last week .. this week .. NONE.. so if you are here to see flakes move right along .. nothing to see here

on the creative front.. or mood front or whatever.. i am officially in a funk.. dont know how i got here.. i just am .. i have been working on stuff but feel not too excited about any of it except for the aran sweater i am making for my DOG.. how fucked up is that.. i wanted to get my latest hat set embroidered and beaded.. not into it.. wanted to get my lime bag done to go with my lime hat.. not into it..

i am into making a fucking dog sweater that wont make me any money when i really need to be making some money .. how crazy is that ?

anyway .. back to normal soon .. i dont let myself wallow for too long.. maybe pictures tomorrow..

no promises..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Tuesday, January 10, 2006  


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