Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Something for NOthing

what the hell? i just want to ask .. why is it lately .. it seems every one wants something for nothing.. ? for fucks sake.. if you want it that bad go buy it..

i am sure most of my readers know what I am talking about and if you dont.. for those of you that arent into crafts read no further.. but

the requests for free patterns lately is KILLING ME!!! or if you do design something .. people want you to take the time to write down you ideas and give them all away for free.. well i hate to tell you .. if i took the time to write out what i am doing i am NOT giving it away .. maybe something small here or there that took me 10 minutes to write.. i DID give out my mobius pattern but .. you know my dog sweater.. is NOT gonna be free

all i can say .. is if its something you want to make bad enough .. spring for the fucking three dollars(or whatever ) the pattern that too much to ask.. some one took the time and the effort to put something out there that you obviously cant do.. so help them out .. pay for that idea.. and while i am on this tangent.. spring for a QUALITY yarn to make it ...

I am sure this next statement is going to no go over so well and i really couldnt give a rats ass at the moment.. but all you crocheters out there .. that want to know why knitters look at the majority of us as cheap.. THIS IS THE VERY REASON.. RED HEART SUPER SAVER AND FREE PATTERNS

think about it ..

you want to change the way crochet is viewed.. do something about it.. buy your patterns and use nice yarn.. and quit making a cozy for toilet paper !!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Wednesday, January 18, 2006  


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