Monday, January 30, 2006


You know I have never been good at rhetoric.. or those who think they *may* be funny by using it .. but today .. I was asked ( and I am supposing it was rhetorical but i may be wrong ) .. this simple question..

"Could you BE a bigger Bitch? "

let's see Chandler.. I think maybe I could.. I also think you misunderstand the way I am .. so for you... here is my answer.. and I am sure it will be lost on you cause you just dont get me anyway ..

If you think being forthright and honest is being a bitch then I probably COULD be a bigger one..

If you think I am the way I am just to make people mad or to hurt people's feelings you are wrong. I could be very hurtful and hateful.. but I am really not that kind of person .

I have very definate opinions about things if you dont want to hear them dont read what I have to type or pay attention to a damned thing I have to say . I will not apologize for the way I am .. I am very Happy this way .. no one ever has to guess how I feel about them.. If i dont like you .. I will tell you .. If you disagree with the way I say things or think I should be "nicer" its not happening.. I dont go out of my way to be harsh.. but unfortunately sometimes the truth and being honest is harsh and there is no other way around it.. also .. I am not here to baby feed any one information.. not my job so if you are looking for tact or to be handled with kid gloves you are barking up the wrong tree.. i am direct and blunt.. i do not have use nor time for extra words or trying to "soften" myself..

However.. if you took the time to get to know me .. you would see its really better for me to be this way .. keeping things bottled is unhealthy..I dont think you realize the amount of comments and mail i get saying they wish they could be like me and just tell it like it is .. and i dont just unleash my wrath on unsuspecting people.. I unleash it when I have been pushed to a point of no return and if you are brave (or stupid ) enough to do just that .. then you get what you get.. and if you cant handle it maybe you should have stoppped before I reached the boiling point.. and there are signs.. its not like i start to simmer under the surface.. and then all of a sudden explode.. I give you a chance to run.. if you happen to want to run toward me instead of away then that is your choice .. be prepared for what happens next..

I also leave room for intelligent debate.. but will not tolerate arguing for arguments sake.. makes me crazy.. if you disagree with me .. come to me with facts.. tell me WHY you think the way you do .. i want data.. i want info .. dont just tell me "because" or " that is the way its always been done" .. those kinds of things dont fly with me .. I realize we are all different .. we all have our opinions but please be smart about it .. dont just start spouting off about things in which you have been told this or that and you take it as truth with out question..

This is directly to the person that asked.. and I would like to know why you think I am a bitch .. since that one sentence is all i recieved and of course got no response when i asked my question as to why i was being asked.. and i suppose i never will.. All I can say to you is this .. I would rather you think I am a bitch for no apparent good reason than to EVER think I would back down under pressure or think just because you think that way of me .. will make me change..

I hope I answered your question.. because i never got an answer to the one i sent back to you .. and its doubtful I will ..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Monday, January 30, 2006  


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