Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Heavy Cream is Evil

so i hate to admit it .. but you know .. i have been gaining a little weight.. and i just couldnt figure out how it was happening.. my eating habits had not changed that much ..

that is when it hit me like a ton of bricks .... .one big DOH!

i had started using heavy cream in my espresso.. no big deal right.. its ok to splurge every now and then.. holy shit.. i read the label..

1 serving is a table spoon.. thats right a TABLE SPOON.. and you can guess in my huge latte cup i was pouring 4 shots of espresso and not one table spoon of cream .. more like a half a cup.. EIGHT table spoons.. so do you need a break down? .. i am gonna give it to you anyway

one table spoon heavy cream = 5 grams of fat and 50 calories..

let me walk you thru the rest of the math..

one half cup =8 table spoons= 40 grams of fat and 400 calories..

can we say WAKE UP CALL??!!

i was drinking more fat in one coffee than you should even have in a days time.. and there were some days i was doing it twice.. no fucking wonder i gained weigh .. sheesh.. wake up and smell the coffee !! ..

so.. its fat free half and half for me.. and you know its not half bad .. that pun was but the stuff isnt .. and you know my first week of watching my fat intake and eliminating the cream .. 9 pounds lost .. NINE.. how crazy!!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Tuesday, February 07, 2006  


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