Monday, April 03, 2006

An Open Letter

Sit back and get comfortable cause .. Well .. This is gonna be a long one.. As you can see from my lack of posting I have been building trying to find the right words to say all the right things to all the right people and its about to start now.. And hopefully .. This will be the last ever .. Defend myself .. People are assholes blog post.. I know you will miss that Wendy .. Cause you know I was good for one about every three weeks to a month or so ..

SO.. Here I go .. I have a lot to cover.. And the first issue is going to be pointed to Vicki and Kathy .. You two fuck wits.. I am NOT a hacker.. I dont know how you even hatched this crazy conspiracy theory .. .. If you knew the slightest thing about me .. Which you had a chance to get to know me but were too busy talking about your car accident for the ten thousandth time to pay attention.. You would know I cant even change my blog template with out help .. Kari and Lori can both attest to that fact.. Furthermore.. If in fact I were a hacker I would have far more important things to do than sit around Crochetville trying to hack into chat and spy on your little mundane conversations that would have bored me to tears anyway .. Speaking of Crochetville chat.. I havent been able to even access it since BEFORE Thanksgiving.. Had either of you bothered to asked you would have known all these things.. But you didnt.. you wanted to go around spreading vicious rumours about me.. Thanks girls! I appreciate it.. You neednt worry .. You can go use chat any time you want and say anything you want .. I am no longer welcome nor am I a member there .. So.. You got your wish.. There wont be some sappy farewell post either this is it ! .. I dont need ppl who don’t really care about begging me to stay at a place that doesnt appreciate a thing you do and think you are some sort of one woman posse..

Which brings me to Valerie/Shelain.. And lets not forget Kat.. All the same person.. If you didnt know this by now you have lived under a rock .. In Crochetville anyway .. Apparently this person found herself in a situation dire enough to fake her own death.. And many people were very upset about it .. So .. I went out and looked into things.. Even made an announcement on the board I was going to do as such.. Had ANY ONE had a problem with that .. They could have spoken up and said so .. A quick email asking me to please let them know what I found and they would handle it would have sufficed.. I didnt get such an email.. And I did wait to break what news I knew.. There was a span of about 16 hours in which some one could have said something to me.. Yet they didnt.. sooo I broke the news they were the same .. That there had not been a tragic accident .. And Valerie wasnt dead.. And what do I get in return.. a lot of talking behind my back saying I shouldnt have told the truth.. That I should have waited and let the mods and admins do it.. I ask you this .. How many more people needed to shed tears over this person ? How many more people needed to be duped ? How many more people needed to send something to her family ? Before it was going to be told ? I dont sugar coat.. I was to the point .. That is who I am .. But I was not overly harsh either.. The thing about this that outrages me most.. The simple fact NO ONE said a word to me .. didnt know my motive or even why I did it .. But I was subjected to being torn apart behind the scenes of Crochetville.. And when Kari stood up for me and left.. Because she couldnt believe more was being made that I scooped the info than this person duping the whole board.. And didnt want to be party to any more of the craziness there… nothing was said.. Til the eve of the start date of the auction.. There had been plenty of time to approach me.. Say something to me .. And Goldi.. Yeah I am talking to you in the open which is more than I can say for you …. I will say this once .. Then you can be assured I will never think of you again .. And read it carefully .. THERE IS NEVER ANY THING WRONG WITH TELLING THE TRUTH.. And if you think there is .. You arent the person you profess to be.. If you had such a problem with me.. You should have come to me and not talked me down behind my back .. PERIOD … because last I checked that would have been the adult thing to do .. And Donna.. I want to thank you for trying to guilt me into staying in a place that I am no longer welcome to run an auction to raise funds for a place I am no longer welcome because … well .. It would just be easier.. Sure it would be for you .. But not me.. I refuse to go to any lengths for some place where I know how you feel about me and where I am not longer welcome.. I would have to be smoking crack to agree to stay and run your auction and make money to run your board after every thing that has happened to me.. I will not allow my self to be used like that.. I value myself more than that .. Surely you at least know that much about me .. I expected more from you ..of all the people on that board I expected you to at least be fair and ask me about the incident before jumping on the Goldi bandwagon.. Her one woman posse or would that be lynch mob?

Which brings me to the next point.. And dare I say it DRAMA that fills that board.. There would be much less if Mel with 2 nns were called out on her lies.. If Donnalynn didnt post five million mundane useless posts a day spreading her obvious discontent.. If all the morons that just keep posting the same thing day after day with out bothering to do a search ..If Vicki didnt post the same fucking shawl in 12 colours eash in their own thread and ask every one what they think of it every time she finishes one ..if all the rules were enforced they way they should be .. Across the board and with a swift hand.. If some of these things were nipped in the bud.. And if we were allowed personalities.. You have to become a Stepford to fit there any more.. No one is allowed opinion.. Or if you do have one you are randomly censored for no apparent good reason except Goldi didnt like what you said so she takes it upon herself to remove your thread or comment.. Like the Gestapo.. And none of this would really bother me if the favouritism wasnt blatant.. Or and here is the kicker.. You ALL didnt think the exact same thing I am saying.. But were too afraid to say so .. You cant believe how many times I have posted something only to get 25 PMs telling me thanks for saying what they were thinking .. Because they were too afraid to .. Or .. I support you in what you say even if I cant bring myself to say so in public..

I have said this many times on my blog.. I dont believe in censorhip.. And in a place where we are all supposed to be adults there shouldnt have to be any .. Not once in all my 4000 plus posts at Crochetville did I ever ask any one to agree with me .. I stated opinion and left it at that .. Or said what I thought I needed to say .. I didnt try to start drama it just seemed there was always at least one person waiting around to pick apart and analyze every thing I ever said.. Or of course take it personal.. And unless I call you out by name .. Its not personal.. Period ..

I will say I am certain there will be people that are happy to see me take my leave .. To them good riddance too .. To the people I leave sad and/or disappointed because it looks as though I have abandoned a project I in fact created and took on .. Well I apologize as well .. Those of you who really care and know the exact reasons I am going are really the only people whos opinions matter to me anyway .. This isnt how I wanted to go out.. But looks as though this is the hand I was given .. So this is the way it is .. So .. I have asked to be deleted out of the database.. Yesterday .. And havent and wont be back .. I hope every one comes and reads what I had to say .. So they can know the truth and not some manufactured excuse as to why the auction didnt happen and why I am not there any more .. and as per usual .. I am open to comments as long as you say who you are .. and will address them accordingly as well ..

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