Saturday, March 18, 2006

Happiness Is......

NEW SHOES! ( and yes i am estatic about them even though the rest of my entry may not seem to reflect that )

and how perfect are these ? the right pink ..and they have VENTS.. in the sides and under the arch.. cause i really hate hot feet!..

i couldnt believe when i found them today .. i was in love and the price was right .. i cant wait to give them their first walk tomorrow morning.. before the race !

have been an absent blogger cause i really havent had much to say.. i am sick of accusations.. untruths.. rumours.. and fuckwits.. bottom line is .. if you really want to know what i do .. take the time to ask .. i sound like a fucking broken record and i am sick of saying it.. nothing really new.. in case the few of you out there that keep up with me think there is .. just sick of it.. sick of stupid people in general .. not only on line which seems lately they have just kept mulitplying but a few in real time as well .. and no matter how many times you tell them something it just doesnt sink in.. i want to shake them

then of course there is a Fuckwit named Matt out there that found it necessary to write his name in the dust on the back of my car this afternoon.. not only do i find that disrespectful.. but i find it rude and also i feel its almost like trespassing.. apparently Matt has never owned a car nor has he ever had to buff out scratches made from that kind of behaviour.. so Matt.. i hope when you get a car some one hooks you up the way you did me this afternoon .. fucker..

despite the fact that my entry seems a little down on the end.. its really not bad.. just things in general.. i do have a good life.. i am very fortunate.. and i take the time to be grateful every day for all i have.. i had a good day today .. had lunch at Panera.. got some shoes.. even bought kitty litter and wet cat food on sale at PetsMart .. it was nice and sunny .. i tooled around Lowe's for a little while getting ideas for my house once i get home.. (not long now .. less than 90 days !) and went to the library where i checked out "Out of Africa" and a biography of Truman Capote by George Plimpton.. both should be good reads.. i started "Out of Africa" this afternoon when i got home..

so anyway .. i am off to work on the never ending Harry Potter scarf.. have a glass of shiraz and have a pleasant rest of the night ..

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