Thursday, April 13, 2006


Spring for me is a time of renewal and regrowth.. and i suppose the past couple weeks have given me alot to think about... its also a time of house cleaning..

so on top of physical house cleaning i have been doing virtual house cleaning and sprucing up .. i have been cleaning email address.. blog line subscriptions.. my side bar.. etc.. its better to surround yourself with those things that lift you up.. than those that pull you down.. its the same with people.. so off to a new start with me.. woohoo.. its nice .. to be surrounded by those that want nothing more than from me than my snarky assed remarks.. and some fun !.. its nice to also be in a place where every one doesnt take themselves and me so fucking serious... and if some one does happen to be offended by what i say .. i am proud to say i am in a place where we all are adults and those matters are taken care of in the open not behind some cloak of secrecy like those third graders who cant play with each other on the play ground so they have to go run and tell.. glad to be rid of all that bullshit..

also on a good note.. I will be moving home come 10 june! just got the news today .. i would have preferred 10 may .. but i will take this.. its a month sooner than I thought it was going to happen so i am happy about that.. at least it wont be sweltering when i get there..

ok its late.. i am gonna go get some sleep and pretend its not friday yet.. cause well i have a new thing for friday.. see you when i wake up

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