Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Foodie Friday

well happy good friday to all my easter observing friends and readers!!

this is the first installment of a new thing.. Foodie Friday.. something a group of us cooked up! (gah bad bad bad pun...just couldnt help myself)

I have been trying to decide what i want to post for this very first foodie friday post.. and man i have lots of recipes.. lots.. and i also make lots of things with no recipe at all .. so sometimes trying to tell you how to do it .. just doesnt work.. you have to BE there..

so i think i am gonna start off with the equipment list i think no well appointed kitchen should be with out .. so here we go ..

a nice heavy quality set of pots and pans.. they dont have to be the most expensive.. but i would suggest at least stainless with a copper clad bottom for a more even heat distribution..

a set of dry measure and liquid measuring cups.. no they arent the same..LOL..

a set of measuring spoons

utensils for stirring whipping flipping etc.. that are the best you can afford.. feel good in your hand..and you enjoy using.. and sometimes the best or favourite utensil isnt the most expensive dont have to go broke getting good stuff..

a good knife set that holds an edge.. no kitchen should be with out a nice set of knives.. they are your most used utensil.. and should be well balanced.. feel comfortable in your hand.. and be able to hold an edge cause lets face it.. i would rather be cooking not sharpening knives..

also a good set of kitchen scissors.. very handy..

mixing bowls.. if you can only have three i suggest the three biggest.. because you can always mix small amounts in a big bowl but not big amounts in a small one.. i like stainless.. also to keep your bowls in one place while mixing try putting a little piece of that non slip mat stuff under it..

blender ( you can now get the ones with the food processor attachment so no need for two separate appliances)

and i know this next thing is gonna be a bit of a controversy cause you know.. if you like to cook why do you need it .. but a bread machine is awful handy!.. even if you dont bake bread in it.. you can set it to make your dough.. throw in your stuff turn it on and let it go while you work on other stuff .. very conveninet.. and it also has more uses than just bread!

Stand Mixer.. you dont have to have a kitchen aid.. but a stand mixer can t be beat!

coffe grinder.. this can also be used for grinding spices and making very fine bread crumbs..

cutting board

a good sized cast iron skillet

good heavy baking pans .. invest now and never have to buy new ones !

i know i have probably missed somethings.. but .. there is always next week.. and i am sure you can all leave your comments and tell me what you wouldnt live with out in your kitchen !

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Friday, April 14, 2006  


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