Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Let's Get Down

to business..!

I restocked my Ebay Store tonight.. i really dont wanna be dragging around 500 pounds of yarn back home with me .. so grab what you want now.. if i dont have something listed that you might be interested in say a specific colour or texture .. please email me ... i have alot to choose from and i am willing to make deals at this point.. plus you know.. i could use the loot to move !! LOL

elizabeth.jacobsen{at} gmail{dot} com

hopefully tomorrow or rather later today .. you will find my lucinda bag up for sale.. seems i ran out of hours today to get that thing in a .pdf file and get myself together enough to be ready to sell it..

on the design front.. i am chugging away on my magickal project.. one of my testers is making good progress... i have to get the colour version done.. cause i churned out a nasty white acrylic version.. i do this so the yarn doesnt get harmed when i have to frog and redesign at times.. then i do a mock up with the yarn i want to use for myself and photographs and stuff.. i also need to work this thing out in a smaller size as well .. i am really trying hard to make it something with wide appeal to every one .. and i dont want to make just one size.. there will also be tips and tricks to make it larger/smaller as needed in the arms and body ... well i guess i just gave away its a top of some sort.. oh well .. at any rate.. i am hoping by the weekend i can be showing off the mock up .. earlier if perchance some one finds a way to make more hours in a day for me .. lately i have been up til 4 am and sleeping only til 10 or so .... so that is 18 hour work days and i still can seem to catch up !! what gives!..

I want to thank all my friends for your continued support of all my endeavours.. !! really i couldnt do it with out you all .. and it seems since i have rid myself of all the toxicity in my life .. my designs and ideas have just been flowing.. and its nice to get back to that state of mind..

lastly i have a big shout out and thank you to my girl Lani!! and my belated birthday /raok gift i received the other day ..

it was so fucking awesome!!

I opened the package... and let me tell you .. she makes the package as fun as the gifts.. and had i just gotten the container every thing was in i would have been happy .. but .. i opened it.. it was a martini wine tube.. filled with .. get this .. a bejeweled martini fridge magnet.. two martini kitchen towels complete with a neat-0 towel holder and dishcloth/hotpad..

the best part? you can see it laying right out in front and i did take a close up .. a super cool kilt pin with hooks and scissors on tethers made of various gemstones .. rose quartz.. hematite .. garnet (my birthstone)...jade.. coral.. i am sure i am missing something but you get the idea.. the hooks are marked with a lettered bead to let you know their size.. and the scissors have a neat tip protector.. and clasp .. just gorgeous.. i was totally blown away .. oh wait i didnt mention the stitch markers.. between each hook tether is a stitch marker to match that tether.. see have a gander...

thanks again Lani!!!

One final note this post .. for those of you who might be interested in what will be up to when i get home .. take a LOOK

tell me what you think !!

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