Thursday, July 27, 2006

..about racing and stuff

Well kari . I will do my best to talk Mark Martin for you .. I do have a pit pass LOL..

Azathoth.. here is the story about the person i support.. i used to try to follow the races with my dad when i was younger .. i remember him watching on sundays.. i think i was about 10 or 11.. and really it was more an excuse to hang with him then really watch the race or care about what was going on .. soooo fast forward a few years.. ok more than a few ..

my interest was piqued again by some one really special to me .. we would/ will watch the races either together or separately then talk about it.. i learned the rules..why stuff happens the way it does.. i have really gotten into it.. the strategies etc.. so the year i started in again was Kasey Kahne's rookie year.. so ..i decided who better to support than a rookie cause i was a rookie.. so that is who i follow.. i didnt wanna be accused of picking the most popular driver or the one that won the most.. so there you are.. i do have a second one i cheer for as well .. Elliott Sadler simply because we share the Elliott part of the name and i think he is a nice guy.. there are alot of the drivers i really respect for their integrity .. and sportsmanship.. and there are those that are really great drivers i cant stand because they dont seem grateful for what they have or wanna blame every one else for their mistakes.. ..

so anyway .. come Oct 8th.. I will have Kasey Kahne ball cap and lariat and I will be off to the races..

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