Sunday, August 20, 2006


or might i say productive already today .. i got up .. had my juice.. i have washed the dogs.. cleaned my kitchen.. made a batch of hummus.. started a load of laundry and still have a bit before the race starts today !! ..

woohoo.. i think i will take a shower make my bed and get a second load of wash in before i sit down and watch the race.. i might even try giving jezabel a bath.. its not too hard since she is still small.. and i can hold her by the nape of th eneck to make her calm down .. i dont think i would attempt this with the other cats but .. since she is less than 2 pounds i think i have a good chance of surviving unscathed..

still more decisions made on the kitchen.. all the decisions made on the bathroom.. i am j ust waiting for my tub to get here.. and once its here that can be knocked out.. i talked to a contractor friend of mine and he is confident i can get it done in a weekend.. i am not so sure about that .. cause of the flooring.. i am putting in the ceramic tiles but also the radiant heat under.. so i have to lay the sub floor.. lay the backer board.. lay the heating mat.. then thin set and the tile.. that has to dry .. then i have to grout .. that alone will take two days AT least.. so i am thinking 4 days.. cause i have to tear it all out.. set in some new plumbing stuff.. then i can do the floor .. the all the stuff has to be put back in .. gah! what a pain in the ass.. and of course i can do the bead board and all the "pretty" stuff after the essentials are put in so that part isnt the part that HAS to get done.. just all these decisions.. ok well i am off to be more productive before the race..

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