Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rennovation Chaos

i know my kitchen rennovation has you all entralled.. NOT.. i know its so snakes on a plane.. but if i dont get some of the thoughts out of my head.. i think it might explode today ..

the cabinets.. take about 3 to 4 weeks to get made..

i am doing my floor with the help of a few friends.. i dont think i would have wanted to conquer that myself.. so when i order my cabinets the time line starts.. once ordered the floor has to be done by the time they get here.. and did i mention.. umm a couple of my walls might need a little replastering.. and umm they put in a drop ceiling i have to tear out and do soemthing with as well ?

i have made more decisions today regarding counter top and placement.. once i get my rough sketch done i will be glad to share details.. i am fairly fortunate i have a decent space to work with in .. and its basically square.. no odd walls.. no weird stuff.. well ok every thing in an old house is weird.. but you know nothing MORE weird that what i consider normal

so i think once the cabinets are ordered i have to start the floor/wall/ceiling work and even with my help its gonna be a tight deadline .. well ok maybe not.. but still .. thats 3 weeks of torn up crap.. cabinets put in.. and umm they wont do my counters til the cabinets are installed.. yeah you heard me right INSTALLED.. so i will have a kitchen with no counters for oh 3 more weeks.. i had already planned a two month block of no kitchen but you know.. if i can get the floors done and at least the cabinets and appliances set .. then it wont be quite so bad right? at least i can cook.. and do my dishes in the bath room ..

which of course brings me to the project that HAS to be done BEFORE the kitchen but i am realistic.. i think i can do it all myself and be done with it in a weeks time.. there is flooring to put in .. radiant heat elements to put in .. bead board for the walls.. and yeah .. the TUB! .. i have to get all the existing stuff torn out.. and delicately take out my new toilet.. yeah i replaced it when i got back here cause the old one.. well it took 8 gallons to flush and still didnt do that great a job.. least of my worries to reseat a toilet.. so i checked on those really neat-O 1 inch hex tiles while i was at lowes today .. umm i think i will do the two inchers.. i saw the display i think the one inchers are too small and would hurt my eyes.. so here is the deal .. the old owners of this house were well how shall i say it nice.. tightwads.. when they updated the bathroom they didnt see fit to put sub floor under the existing tub.. so i have to tear that out.. put new sub in under.. lay the backer board.. lay the heating elements.. lay the tile.. grout.. and of course set in the new fixtures for the water supply and drain to the tub.. man i am either gonna be real smelly for a few days.. or beg my neighbor for a shower.. lol.. if its still warm out i can shower outside.. anything not to go to bed dirty .. so i mean not bad.. i have a plan and the bath is already designed in my head.. it keeps the other plans company and the voices LOL..

i really do see this all coming together .. any one wanna come help me ? i pay well.. dinner and wine !!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Thursday, August 17, 2006  


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