Friday, December 01, 2006

A Recipe For A Night Of Fear

I will confess.. there arent too many things that scare me.. but fuck if last nights storm didnt scare the bejeezus out of me ..

so here is the recipe..

one large temperature change (from 73 to 34 in about 4 hours)

tornado like winds

downed electric lines

one house burning down

rattling windows

five animals going crazy


no electricity most of the night..

so here is the deal .. we set temperature records with the high yesterday at 73..i decided i might need to go out last night to get some things cause i knew it was gonna drop and today was gonna be really cold... so the two hours i was out it dropped a full 10 degrees..and the rain started pissing down.. so i get home still not bad .. about 53 degrees..

then..the rain stopped and i thought..this isnt so bad.. but the wind picked up and i swear the widows sounded like they were gonna come out of the panes last night... the wind picked up and the temperature started to drop..and the rain came back for a little bit..

things were ok til the electricity went out.. so i am sitting here in candlelightlistening to thewind and rain with the dogs going crazy.. so they needed out so i got up to take them and i swear i felt like dorothy..i knew we were gonna be blown away.. so while i was out side i looked around a little .. trying to take in damage and i see smoke coming up over my neighbors house..

so i walked a little down the drive way .. and look across the stree.. a dawned electrical line as sparked "just right" and set the house on fire.. at the time i saw it .. it had started on the roof.. well our fire dept here is volunteer.. so every one was rousted out of bed but by the time they got there the roof was well under way.. and he lines were whipping around.. so the fire fighters couldnt get real close because of the lines and also the near 60 mph unpredictable winds blowing flames in wild directions.. they did what they could which wasnt much.. and this morning.. well only foundation and a little rubble left on the space that used to be a two story victorian similar to mine..

so i didnt sleep til about 6 am this morning.. and it still wasnt a sound one.. wind was still whipping and the electric had gone out again .. so as far as i can see the only real damage around here .. is the wind lifted the topper for th etruck off the ground and flipped it on its back.. and knocked my gnome over... and the garbage can.. iwill have to get on the roof in a few days when the wind is gone and its a little warmer..

so long story short.. i am ok .. every thing is ok.. but damn if mother nature isnt scary.. i have great respect for nature.. its unpredictable and all powerful

i hope you all have a great day and take the time to tell the ppl you love just how much they mean.. cause seriously you never know when the last time you get to talk to them will be ..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Friday, December 01, 2006  


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