Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Monday Night Bowling

i signed up for league back in Oct.. in hopes of a repeat of last winter and some serious silliness.... well long story short we (our team) ended up on monday league with a bunch of seriously fun retarded people.. LOL.. its been a long winter on league.. i think we only have three weeks left.. at least this MADE me get out of my house once a week thru all the crap i have been struggling with whether i really wanted to or not..

i am not the best bowler.. but i will say i have imporved this season.. i have earned a triplicate patch which shows consistancy.. it means you made the same score three games in a row.. i also earned my 180 patch.. where i bowled a 185 one night on league.. its been an ok season but look froward to next winter's league when we can go back to friday and have a little more fun .. this one was way too serious for me that is for sure LOL

on a side note.. i parked my car under a tree last night and when i got up today .. it was shit bombed by birds.. i am not kidding it looked like some one took a white paintball gun to it .. i will post a pic tomorrow..its crazy..

hope every one had a not so manic monday.. mine was ok ..

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